George Lindley, PhD, AuD

Assistant Professor, Osborne College of Audiology



  • BS - Communication Disorders, Pennsylvania State University
  • MS - Audiology, University of Pittsburgh, 1995
  • PhD - Audiology, University of Pittsburgh, 2001
  • AuD - Audiology, PCO School of Audiology, 2003

Role at Salus University :

  • Assistant Professor, Osborne College of Audiology
  • Interim Assistant Dean, Foundations and Assessment of Audiologic Medicine

Professional Specialty Areas:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Noise Exposure

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Palmer, C., Lindley, G., Butts, S., Snyder, S. (1995). Time out: I didn't hear you! Support Syndicate for Audiology: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Palmer, C., Lindley, G., & Mormer, E. (2008). Selection and Fitting of Digital Hearing Aids. In Valente, M. (ed.) Treatment Strategies for Audiology. Thieme Publishers.
  • Lindley, G., Palmer, C., Goldstein, H., & Pratt, S. (1997). Environmental awareness and level-dependent hearing protection devices. Ear and Hearing, 18(1), 73-83.
  • Palmer, C., Nelson, C., & Lindley, G. (1998). The functionally and physiologically plastic adult auditory system. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 103(4), 1705-1721.
  • Palmer, C., & Lindley, G. (1998). Reliability of the contour test in a population of adults with hearing loss. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 9(3), 209-215.
  • Lindley, G., Palmer, C., Durrant, J., & Pratt, S. (2000). Adaptation to loudness and environmental stimuli in three newly fitted hearing aid users. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 11(6), 316-322.
  • Lindley, G., Palmer, C., Durrant, J., & Pratt, S. (2001).  Audiologist versus Patient Driven hearing aid fitting protocols. Seminars in Hearing, 22(2), 139-160.
  • Ricketts, T., Lindley, G., & Henry, P. (2001). Impact of compression and hearing aid style on directional hearing aid benefit and performance. Ear and Hearing, 22(4), 348-361.
  • Lindley, G. (2003). Audiology: An exciting career choice for the pre-health major. The Advisor, 23(2), 32-34
  • Lindley, G. (2006). Current Hearing Aid Fitting Protocols: Results from an Online Survey. Audiology Today, 18(3), 19-22.
  • Lindley, G., Schum, D., & Fuglholt, M. (2009). Directionality and Noise Reduction in Pediatric Fitings. Hearing Review, May.
  • Lindley, G. (2010). Children seen to gain extra benefit from bandwidth and binaural Compression. The Hearing Journal, 62(10).

Professional Activities:

  • 2002  Student Research committee for 2003 AAA convention
  • 2004-Poster and podium presentations chairperson, 2005 AAA convention
  • Department of Education Traineeship; 9/93-4/95
  • Doctoral Fellowship, Veteran’s Administration; 8/96-11/98

Selected Professional Certifications:

  • American Academy of Audiology, Fellow

Selected Teaching Awards:

  • Audiology Faculty Award, Salus University, 2005