May 4, 2003

Attending: Dr. Robert M. Cole, III, Dr. John J. Crozier, Dr. Jeffrey J. Genshaft, Dr. A. Michael Iatesta, Dr. Harold Katz, Dr. Thomas J. Landry, Dr. Richard D. Lappen, Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, Dr. Dennis Lyons, Dr. Marie A. Marrone-Moriarty, Dr. John T.Ochsenreither, Dr. Ranjoo Prasad, Dr. Lawrence A. Ragone, Dr. Louis Rubin, Dr. Kevin Ryan, Dr. Freda Sattel, Dr. Donald Tasso, Dr. Karen Wrigley, Ms. Lynne C. Corboy and Ms. Ellen J. Mueller

I.    Call to Order

Dr. Marie A. Marrone-Moriarty called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

II.   Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February 9, 2003 Board Meeting were approved.

III.  Treasurer’s Report

Dr. Ochsenreither presented the Treasurer’s report and the Finance Committee Report.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved with a motion by Dr. Cole and seconded by Dr. Wrigley.  The Finance Committee reported that upcoming expenses for the Alumni Association include pens, which are the traditional gift to graduating students to welcome them to the Alumni Association.  Another expense will be the $1,000 award to a fourth-year student given by the Association every year at the May awards dinner.

IV.   Alumni Association President’s Report

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty reminded those present that OptoEast 2003 will take place in Atlantic City, N.J., September 4-7.  Through the Mid-Atlantic Conference Corporation, PCO operates OptoEast with the POA and NJSOP.

To update everyone regarding the first residential Audiology class, Dr. Marrone-Moriarty reported that as of April 25, 2003, PCO has 9 applicants for the class starting this fall.  Dr. George Osborne, Dean of the School of Audiology, anticipates 4 students will matriculate.

The Annual Fund is going well again this year.  The end of the fiscal year is June 30th.  As of April 24, 2003, 1,204 alumni and friends of PCO have contributed $162,789 to the Annual Fund towards the goal of $185,000.

The 2003 “I” Care Raffle was again a success with special thanks going to Dr. Harry Kaplan for all of his hard work and dedication.

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty introduced Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, President of PCO.  Dr. Lewis presented drawings of a proposed student community center to be built on the Elkins Park Campus.  He explained that construction costs would total around $6 million for the 30,000 square-foot facility.  $3 million of the cost has been provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as part of its capital expenditures budget.   

The building will be constructed on a 3.5 acre field that the College purchased two years ago.  The Center will contain athletic facilities, offices for student groups, a student lounge, a common lobby area, and a full-size gym.  The gym will be convertible to a 240-seat dinner space or a 300-seat lecture hall.  A veranda on the back of the building would be ideal for additional social settings.

The project will take approximately eleven months to one year to fully construct the building and to finish furbishing the interior.  Ground-breaking could take place as early as December, 2003. 

V.    Committee Reports

Dr. Ragone presented the ballot.  Dr. Sattel motioned to approve the ballot without changes and was seconded by Dr. Laken.  Elected to the 2003-2004 Board as officers are: Marie A. Marrone- Moriarty, President; Robert M. Cole, III,, President-Elect; Karen M. Wrigley, Vice-President; Robert A. Rosenberg, Secretary; and John T. Ochsenreither, Treasurer.  Elected as Directors are: Christine T. Clancey, Mark E. Clement, John J. Crozier, William F. Johnston, Jr, Thomas J. Landry, Richard D. Lappen, Alan Ostroff, Ranjoo Prasad, and Felicia A. Whitney. 

Dr. Wrigley read the Reunion/Special Events Committee report on behalf of Dr. Robert Rosenberg, chair.  She thanked everyone who made the 2003 Alumni Reunion a success.  The Committee has decided to keep a similar Reunion format for the 2004 Reunion, with the date being in May.  With an opportunity to have all the Reunion events on campus as early as Spring 2006, the Committee hopes to revise the current Reunion format.  Incorporating suggestions from past Alumni Association meetings, the Committee hopes to talk to alumni over the next year to learn what the most effective Reunion format would be for all of our Alumni. 

For other special events, the College will host a booth and alumni reception at the AOA Congress coming up in June 2003.  Plans are already underway for a reception at the 2nd Annual OptoEast September 4-7, 2003 in Atlantic City, N.J. 

Dr. Cole reported on the activities of the Student Relations Committee.  The next activity is the student awards dinner before Commencement on the evening of Thursday, May 22, 2003 at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland, Pa.  The Alumni Association traditionally hands out pens and brochures about the Association to welcome them as the newest alumni. 

The annual “get acquainted” reception will be held during orientation again in August to welcome the incoming class.  We partially fund this event and all the board members are encouraged to attend. 

Lynne Corboy reported on behalf of the Ambassadors committee that 65 potential students were matched with alumni living or working in their areas. 

VI.   New Business

Ellen Mueller requested volunteers to make brief “thank you” phone calls to alumni donors as a new outreach program.

VII.  Adjournment

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty adjourned the meeting at 10:45 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted,
Robert A. Rosenberg, OD, ’61