May 22, 2004

Attending: Drs. James M. Caldwell, Robert DiSogra, Albert Dichter, Burton Eisenberg, Luis R. Garcia, Thomas J. Landry, Thomas Lewis, Marie A. Marrone Moriarty, John T. Ochsenreither, Alan Ostroff, Robert Rosenberg, Harold Weiner, and Ms. Lynne C. Corboy and Ms. Ellen J. Mueller

Call to Order:

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m.


The minutes were approved as presented by Dr. Rosenberg.

Treasurer’s Report:

Dr. Ochsenreither presented the annual treasurer’s report. The Association’s balance as of April 1, 2003 was $79,123. The total income was $15,327. The total expenses were $2,167, leaving a balance as of March 31, 2004 of $92,283. He described the financial trend of the Association over the past ten years as steady and fiscally responsible. With the exceptions of large donations towards the College’s New Horizons Campaign and History Display, the Association typically only spent about 2% of the total balance each year. The total balance reflected the state of the market each year as expected.

Alumni Association President’s Report:

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty gave a brief explanation of the Ambassadors program matching perspective PCO students with PCO alumni in their geographical area. This year, 170 students were matched with alumni during  the past academic year. Twenty-nine alumni wrote or called to let us know that they were in touch with their assigned student.

Dr. Marrone-Moriarty introduced Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, president of PCO. Dr. Lewis detailed the new student community center and the Expanding the Vision campaign. Over the past decade, the College has expanded its academic facilities. The next step is to enhance student amenities to help with enrollment and retention. The following step will be the renovation of The Eye Institute.

The enhancement of student amenities involved building a student community center at the Elkins Park Campus. It will include a  full-size gym convertible to social and educational space for alumni programs and continuing education. The building will also house weight and fitness areas, a suspended running track, reception area, student lounge, and multi-function room for aerobic  exercise. 

The total cost of the building is $6 million. Of that $6 million, $3 million is a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, $1 million is from College equity, and $2 million will be raised through a capital campaign. One alumnus has donated $750,000 on the condition that other alumni match his gift with another $750,000. Reunion/Special Event Committee Report: Dr. Rosenberg thanked everyone who made the 2004 Alumni Reunion a success. For  the first time, the 50th reunion class was asked to participate in PCO’s Commencement. On Sunday, May 23, the Class of 1954  will march with the graduates at Commencement and will have special seating in the Kimmel Center during the ceremony.

Commencement is again planned for the weekend before Memorial Day weekend in 2005. The Alumni Office plans to have the Alumni Reunion in conjunction with Commencement again, with the tentative dates set for May 21 and 22, 2005. The Reunion  Committee will work with the Alumni Office to revise the current Reunion format when the new Student Community Center opens.  All of the reunion events could be held at the college in 2006.

The College will host a booth and alumni reception at the AOA Congress coming up in June 2004. Plans are already underway for  a reception at the 3rd Annual OptoEast October 28-31 in Atlantic City, N.J.

Student Relations Committee Report: Ellen Mueller presented the report for Dr. Cole. The Association gave a $1,200 Commencement Award to Derek Pyle, who had the highest GPA in the graduating class. The Association also welcomed the class of 2004 as members of the Association with pens for all the optometry, audiology, and graduate studies alumni.

Old Business:

The approval of the slate of officers for 2004-2005 was first motioned by Dr. Wiener and seconded by Dr. Landry. 

Dr. Ochsenreither motioned to permanently raise the commencement award to $1,500 each year.  Dr. Wiener motioned to keep it  to $1,200 for now and to vote again next year. Dr. Wiener’s motion was approved by the majority. Dr. Lewis mentioned that Dr.   John Crozier used to give a Crozier commencement award each year and that the Alumni Association could take over that award in memory of the deceased members of the Crozier family. Dr. Garcia suggested that the Crozier award be increased from $250 to  $500 annually. The decision to take over and to increase the Crozier award will be tabled until Dr. Lewis has had time seek  approval from the living members of the Crozier family. 

Dr. DiSogra thanked Dr. George Osborne for asking him to represent Audiology alumni on the Board and looks forward to working with the members.


The meeting adjourned at 2:33 p.m. with a motion made by Dr. Dichter and seconded by Dr. Eisenberg.

Respectfully submitted,
Robert A. Rosenberg, OD, ’61