The Advanced Studies certificate programs are designed to expand the knowledge, improve the clinical skills, and promote general expertise in the delivery of audiology services.

Advanced Studies Certificate Program - AudiologyThe courses of study will bring the professional up to date on the state of the science in diagnosis and treatment of specific auditory disorders.

Advanced Studies certificate programs consist of six to eight graduate-level courses that require nine to twelve months of study. To support international participation, course delivery is wholly online in an asynchronous mode. Students who successfully complete the program receive graduate-level certificates in Advanced Studies from Salus University Osborne College of Audiology.

This program is open to college degree holders (BS, MS, AuD, MD, PhD, etc.) of audiology or audiology-related professions in the United States and other countries. Courses are taught in English. 

Certificate Programs: 

All three programs are scheduled to begin fall term 2016. Applications are currently being accepted. Please email for further information.

Audiology Curriculum Flow Chart