Salus University offers two four-day workshops every summer at the Elkins Park campus. The goal of these workshops is to provide an update on advanced and current science in the specific topic of study for the workshop, review clinical implications, and provide hands-on training using the tools and techniques discussed in order to improve clinical practice. The workshops are designed to have an immediate impact on the participant’s clinical service delivery and are taught by faculty who are distinguished by their expertise in the areas they will teach. Workshop registrants should be current audiology practitioners/educators/clinicians. Each four-day workshop includes lecture and hands-on practicum. AAA and ASHA CEUs will be offered pending approval.

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Hearing Assessment in Infants and Young Children: Objective Tests and Cochlear Implants

Saturday, July 20 - Tuesday, 23, 2019

This course will provide a detailed description of the structure and function of the auditory system. The course will cover basic mechanics and physiology of auditory detection and transduction at the level of the cochlea, as well as important aspects of the central auditory nervous system. The classes will cover details of normal cochlear function as well as pathophysiology. These concepts will be linked to issues relating to diagnosis of hearing loss, cochlear implantation, and hearing aids in children and in adults. Clinical protocols and considerations for measuring otoacoustic emissions and auditory evoked responses will be presented. Regarding CI, we will cover details about cochlear implant sound processing, cochlear electrode stimulation of neurons and other electrophysiological CI issues. Special topics of clinical relevance will include basic science studies of otoacoustic emissions, and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder. In general, the basic science concepts will be related to clinical issues in audiology, as a way of providing insight into underlying deficiencies, and thus providing insight into improved diagnosis in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Ryan McCreery
Dr. Joshua Sevier

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Hearing Conservation in Music and Industry

Thursday, July 25 - Sunday, July 28, 2019

Students will acquire knowledge in noise control, hearing conservation, industrial audiology and occupational audiology. This course will also provide a foundation in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of music-induced hearing disorders, and general management of musicians with hearing loss and/or tinnitus. This course does not require the audiology student have a background in music, but an appreciation of music is very helpful in understanding the perspective of this exceedingly interesting, yet challenging, patient population.

Dr. Brian Fligor
Dr. Martin Pienkowski
Dr. Michael Santucci
Dr. Laura Sinnott

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