Admission procedures and policies include appropriate consideration of an individual applicant’s educational credentials and professional experience. In addition, it is expected that the successful candidate for the degree (OTD or Specialty Track Certificate) program will possess:

  • A documented record of academic achievement.
  • Demonstrated academic competency in mathematics/quantitative methods. 
  • English language skills (both written and oral) essential to the successful completion of the coursework.


During the review process, the academic background of the applicant is assessed to determine academic eligibility and his/her entry point into the Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) or Certificate programs. Each candidate is evaluated by the College of Education and Rehabilitation Admissions Committee and the evaluation includes a formal interview.  The interview will provide further insight into the applicant’s character and motivation, and allows an applicant the opportunity to speak with faculty within the College. Interviews may be held via phone conference or Skype.


An applicant may be notified of his or her acceptance on a rolling admissions basis. Upon receipt of acceptance, an applicant to the OTD program is required to pay a $1,000 matriculation fee to the University prior to the start of classes, payable as follows:
  • Return the matriculation form along with a $250 deposit within 14 days of the date of the acceptance letter.
  • The balance of $750 for the matriculation fee is due November 15. 
  • All monies received above are non-refundable will be applied toward first term fees. 


As per the College of Education and Rehabilitation policy, credit by transfer maybe accepted for any course within the curriculum when it is determined that the transfer course is substantially equivalent to that offered by the College and OT program.  This equivalency will be determined by the course instructor and the program director.  Only courses in which the student receives a grade of ‘B’ or above will be considered for transfer.  The maximum number of semester hour credits a student may earn by transfer is six (6) semester hour credits. No credit is given for experiential learning. 


Enrolled students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University will be responsible for the payment of tuition in accordance with the institutional refund schedule.