Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Certificate Sequence of Courses


Certificate Program in Rehabilitation Teaching - 41.5 Credits

Spring Semester
Course #              Title                                                                    Delivery Credits
CER-BLV-5000AA Foundations of Education and Rehabilitation Blended 2.00
CER-BLV-5001AA Clinical and Functional Implications of Visual Impairment Distance Education 3.00
CER-BLV-5002AA Psychological & Social Dynamics of Visual Impairment Distance Education 1.00
CER-BLV-5004AA Critical Analysis of Research Distance Education 3.00 
CER-BLV-5104AA Visual Impairment from Brain Injury Blended 1.00
CER-BLV-5500AA Principles of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Blended 2.00
Summer Semester
Course #               Title                                                                   Delivery Credits
CER-BLV-5102AA Introduction to Orientation & Mobility On-Campus 1.00
CER-BLV-5106AA Braille Literacy On- Campus 0.50
CER-BLV-5130AA Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 1 Blended 3.50
CER-BLV-5131AA Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 2 Blended 3.00
CER-BLV-5502AA Independent Living Skills for VRTs Blended 4.00
CER-BLV-5503AA Literacy for Adults with Visual Impairment Distance Education 2.00
CER-BLV-5504AA Communication Skills for VRTs Blended 1.00
Fall Semester
Course #                     Title                                                             Delivery Credits
CER-BLV-5003AA Human Development Across the Lifespan Distance Education 2.00
CER-BLV-5103AA Introduction to Assistive Technology Distance Education 2.00
CER-BLV-5105AA Literary Braille Code Distance Education 3.00 
CER-BLV-5501AA VRT and Multiple Disabilities Distance Education 2.00
Upon Completion of Didactic
Course #                           Title                                Delivery                           Credits
CER-BLV-6500AB-G VRT Fieldwork Direct Service Course 2.50
CER-BLV-6501AB-G VRT Internship Direct Service Course 6.00
CER-BLV-6590AA VRT Comprehensive Examination Distance Education or On-Campus 0.00