Admission procedures and policies include appropriate consideration of an individual applicant’s experience and/or the applicant’s ability to apply educational preparation from such diverse fields as clinical sciences, laboratory sciences, rehabilitation sciences and population sciences, etc.In addition, it is expected that the successful candidate for the degree (PhD or MSc) programs will possess:

  • A documented record of academic achievement.
  • Demonstrated academic competency in mathematics/quantitative methods. 
  • English language skills (both written and oral) essential to the successful completion of the coursework.

Interview Process

Individuals successfully meeting the required selection criteria may receive an invitation for an interview, which provides further insight into the applicant’s character and motivation, and allows an applicant the opportunity to speak with the program director. Interviews may be held via phone conference.

Notification of Acceptance and Matriculation 

An applicant may be notified of his or her acceptance on a rolling admissions basis. Upon receipt of acceptance, an applicant is required to complete the Matriculation Supplement form in order to reserve a seat in the entering class.

Advanced Standing or Transfer Credit 

Applicants who have earned credits at another institution have the right to petition for the transfer of some or all of those credits at the time of application.

Any applicant holding a master’s degree or equivalent training (e.g., courses, grants or other) may be considered for direct entry into the PhD sequence. The applicant, however, may be required to take specific courses that are part of the Salus University master’s degree curriculum and that are missing from the applicant’s previous training. The decision as to the entry point will be administered by the program director or designee.

Any additional training or special credentials applicable to the PhD will be evaluated and determined according to Section 9.5.3 of the Academic Policy, which reads in part “Other transfer requests will be evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved by the vice president of Academic Affairs.”

Following the above process, a course of study will be developed for each student.

Policies and Procedures

Enrolled students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University will be responsible for the payment of tuition in accordance with the institutional refund schedule.