Admission to the Master of Public Health (MPH) program is part of a collaborative effort administered by the Mid-Atlantic Consortium of the Master of Public Health (MACMPH). The Consortium is a partnership between Salus University and Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. Admission procedures and policies include appropriate consideration of an individual applicant’s public health experience and/or the applicant’s ability to apply educational preparation from such diverse fields as health care, sociology, law, economics, urban planning, informatics, etc.

Interview Process

Individuals successfully meeting the required selection criteria may receive an invitation for an interview with a member of the MACMPH Admissions Committee, which provides further insight into the applicant’s character and motivation and allows an applicant the opportunity to speak with the program director. Interviews may be held via phone conference.

Notification of Acceptance and Matriculation

An applicant may be notified of his or her acceptance on a rolling admissions basis. Upon receipt of acceptance, an applicant is required to follow the guidelines detailed in the official offer of acceptance.

Application Form for Open Study (Non-Degree) Students

The MACMPH offers students interested in gaining graduate-level public health knowledge and skills the opportunity to apply for open study (non-degree) status and be permitted to take a maximum of 9 credits. This option is for the applicant who may desire to take one or more of the courses offered in a program, but is not enrolling in the full MPH degree program. These credits may be transferred toward the MPH degree if the student applies to, and is accepted into, the full MPH program.

To apply for open study (non-degree) status, please refer to your chosen institution for more information:

Policies and Procedures