The Salus University Public Health program is not accepting new applications at this time. 


The Master of Public Health program is part of a collaborative effort administered by the Mid-Atlantic Consortium of the Master of Public Health (MACMPH). The Consortium is a partnership between Salus University and Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences.

Developed for professionals and students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, the Master of Public Health (MPH) program is designed for deeply motivated and intellectually curious individuals who seek the strategic skills necessary to advance the health and well-being of the public worldwide. The program includes applied practice and integrative learning experiences which lead to real-world impact.

Program Overview

As an institution dedicated to the education and training of healthcare professionals for nearly 100 years, Salus University recognizes the challenges of the changing health care system. In particular, it is sensitive to the high cost of health disparities and inequities as well as the impact of this imbalance on the health status of individuals, communities and nations.

All Salus students are educated in an interprofessional environment that prepares our graduates to become contributing members of today’s healthcare teams and the MPH program is no exception. With a dedicated and diverse faculty each bringing a set of unique experiences and perspectives to their students, our MPH curriculum is firmly rooted in real world situations.

Program Objectives

  • To deliver a student-centered, cost-effective program via distance education, classroom and/or community settings that are accessible to a variety of students including working professionals and students seeking a dual degree track.

  • To recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse and socially conscious student body with a global perspective on the challenges and strategies of improving health status worldwide.

  • To integrate a corps of international faculty and experts into the program who bring expertise, dedication and opportunities for real-world impact.

  • To promote interactions and collaborations with local community agencies, and national and global public health academic and professional communities.

Program Requirements

The MPH degree course of study includes:

  • 21 semester hours of required foundational courses

  • 9 semester hours of required concentration elective courses

  • 3 semester hours elective courses

  • 3 semester hours  of a required Applied Practice Experience (APE)

  • 6 semester hours of a required Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)

 The MPH program is 42 semester credit units in length and is offered via distance education on a part-time basis. Students will have up to five (5) years to complete the program.