Affiliate Undergraduate Doctor of Optometry Program

3+4 Doctor of Optometry Program

The program permits the qualified student to earn the Doctor of Optometry degree in seven years instead of the usual eight. The first three years are spent at a participating undergraduate institution, the next four at the Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry. The student is awarded a Bachelor's degree by the undergraduate institution upon the successful completion of the first professional year and a Doctor of Optometry degree by the University at the conclusion of the professional degree program.

Participating Universities/Colleges




New Jersey

New York

North Carolina


Penn State Early Assurance Admission Program

Established in 2017, this is a memorandum of understanding between the Eberly College of Science (ECoS) and Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO).

University Park students can apply to Salus PCO via the ECoS Director of Premedicine and Science majors after their second year. Because there is some flexibility in prerequisite course selections, interested students are encouraged to discuss their intentions as early as possible with the Director to optimize course selection plans that will fit with the student’s intended academic major.

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Direct entry and a fast track to the optometry profession is available to USciences students through an articulation agreement between the University of the Sciences Misher College of Arts & Sciences and Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO).

Each year, 25 eligible USciences students are selected for guaranteed seats for the Doctor of Optometry Traditional degree program. Program options include a 3+4 BS/OD degree track or a 4+4 BS/OD degree track. 

As a student in either track, you’ll complete either three or four years at USciences before matriculating to PCO, earning both your bachelor of science (BS) and doctor of optometry (OD) degrees.

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