Current Practices

Students with a strong optometric clinical background are considered for customized clinical courses. A clinical proficiency examination along with the assessment tools used in the traditional OD degree program are used to determine both a students progress and the nature of their customized clinical courses. Students without an optometric clinical background are required to take all clinical skills and professional practice courses using the same approaches utilized for the traditional OD students.


What is the duration of the APOD program?
Since the course of study is customized, that would depend upon which courses the student are required to take. The currently offered APOD program is at least 33 months in duration.
How much does the APOD program cost?
Although the APOD program may be shorter in duration, due to the individualized nature of the program, the total tuition costs will be the same as for those students enrolled in the four year Traditional OD degree program. More information on tuition and fees may be found under Cost of Attendance
Will students come to the US on a visa?
Yes. Currently, the APOD program requires an F1 visa (full-time status) for all non-US citizens.
Will I take courses with students enrolled in the traditional OD degree program?
Yes. Students enrolled in our APOD program take many courses with the students enrolled in the traditional OD degree program.  Customized courses may also be offered depending upon the customized course of study designed for a specific student.
Why is Part 1 of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) required for eligible candidates?
Since the course of study is customized, it gives our APOD Admissions Committee critical information when designing an applicant’s course of study.
Is there a minimum score requirement on Part 1 of NBEO?
Not necessarily. In general, the performance on the NBEO will dictate courses to be taken, not the admissions decision. 
At the successful completion of my program, will students receive the equivalent degree as those successfully completing the traditional OD program?
How many students are admitted into the APOD program yearly?
Due to the highly customized nature of this pathway to the OD degree, there are a limited number of students admitted into the program. Currently, no more than 4 students are likely to be admitted during a given year
How do I receive more information?
Please contact for more information.