Traditional Program - Curriculum Overview

The Traditional Doctor of Optometry degree program curriculum is organized into various tracks of didactic and clinical knowledge.. These tracks represent an integrated sequence of the knowledge, skills, and values that students are expected to acquire in to order to demonstrate entry-to-practice competencies. The academic year is divided into three terms: fall semester (August – December); spring semester (January – May); and summer semester (May – August).

The credit unit is equal to one semester hour. 
First Year - Fall Semester
Course Number                   Course Title                                                                                   Credits 
PCO-OPT-7030 AB Health Care, Professionalism, and Diversity 2.00
PCO-OPT-7101 AB Biochemistry and Genetics 1.50
PCO-OPT-7103 AB Systematic Pathology and Physiology 2.00
PCO-OPT-7105 AA General Anatamony and Histology 1.00
PCO-OPT-7106 AA Ocular Anatomy and Histology 2.50
PCO-OPT-7400-AB Head and Neck Anatomy with Laboratory 2.50
PCO-OPT-7503-AA Opthalmic Optics with Laboratory 1 1.00
PCO-OPT-7505-AA Geometric Optics with Laboratory 1 1.50
PCO-OPT-7701-AB Interprofessional Evidence Based Practice 1.00
PCO-OPT-8630-AB Clinical Skills 1 2.00
PCO-OPT-8640 AB Patient Care 1 0.50
First Year - Spring Semester
Course Number                           Course Title                                                                           Credits 
PCO-OPT-7130-AB Systematic Pharmacology 2.00
PCO-OPT-7405-AA Neuroanatomy with Laboratory 2.50
PCO-OPT-7406-AA Ocular Physiology and Biochemistry 2.00
PCO-OPT-7407-AA Systematic Immunology and Microbiology 1.00
PCO-OPT-7408-AA Public Health Optometry and Research Methods 1.50
PCO-OPT-7504-AA Opthalmic Optics with Laboratory 2 1.50
PCO-OPT-7506-AA Geometric Optics with Laboratory 2 1.50
PCO-OPT-7600-AA Vision Science and Perception 1 with Laboratory 1.00
PCO-OPT-8631-AB Clinical Skills 2 3.50
PCO-OPT-8641-AB Patient Care 2 0.50
  First Year Totals 34.50