March 4, 2007

Attendance: Dr. Mark Clement, Dr. Harry Kaplan, Dr. Wilmer O. Kron, Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, Dr. John T. Ochsenreither, Dr. Alan Ostroff, Dr. Robert A. Rosenberg, Dr. Kenneth Savitski, Dr. Tomi Thibodeaux-Browne, Dr. Karen Wrigley, and Ms. Lynne C. Corboy.

The meeting began at 10:10 a.m.  The minutes, presented by Dr. Wrigley, were approved with no corrections or additions.  Dr. Ochsenreither presented the treasurer’s report.

Treasurer Report
The balance as of July 1, 2006  $94,297.00
Interest & Dividend 772.00
Gains (losses) 5,529.00
Total Income $6,302.00
No expenses yet this year 0.00
Balance as of December 31, 2006 $100,598.00

Dr. Lewis updated the group on a number of issues of importance to the College.  The Hafter Center renovation is complete and the building has been open since September.  The residents of the Bryer condominiums have been invited to join the Center (for a fee) and a number of them have joined and are using the fitness Center.  The College has held two continuing education programs as well as first year orientation in the gymnasium/conference center.

The boardroom at the College is about to undergo renovations that will include a significant upgrade in its audiovisual and teleconferencing capabilities.  Vistakon is funding these renovations so that they can use the facility for one of their “Vistakon University” sites.  The PCO site will host programs for their providers, some programs in conjunction with the Wharton School.

There are several other renovations planned in the next year.  Some of the fourth floor laboratories will be modified to accommodate cadavers for the Physician Assistant Program.  Modifications will also be made to the audiology clinic in the North Building.  The Pennsylvania Ear Institute currently shares a reception area with another tenant.  We will be adding a separate entrance from the lobby as well as waiting area for our patients. 

The College is also looking at a major renovation of the Eye Institute.  We are currently evaluating various options:

1) Build onto and renovate the lower level, and move all patient care to that level.  The upper level would then be used for support services and possibly to rent out,
2) Build an entirely new building next door to the existing building, or
3) Extensively renovate the existing building rather than add any additional space.

We hope to begin construction in the fall once plans have been finalized.  While PCO is not planning a traditional capital campaign, once we have a design for the building we will be looking to raise some funds for this important project.

The Physician Assistant Program has hired some staff and is actively recruiting its first class of 18 students.  PCO has had site visits from teams from both the Department of Education and the independent accrediting agency.  The visits were successful and we expect to get provisional accreditation in a few weeks.

We are also investigating Master of Public Health and Occupational Therapy programs.

The College continues to move forward to acquire university status.  A team from the Pennsylvania Department of Education will be visiting PCO in April.  They will issue a report followed by a period for public comment.  We should receive a decision from them in late summer or early fall.  We are currently validating a number of potential names for the new university.  The two most likely options are Pennsylvania Health and Science University and Pennsylvania Commonwealth University.

Dr. Savitsky and Ms. Corboy reported on the preparations for the reunion.  Dr. Savitsky has secured a number of gifts that can be used as prizes for the casino night or for raffle prizes such as hotel and restaurant gift certificates. 

Ms. Corboy reported that the College has contracted with an event planner who will decorate the gym and supply game tables (roulette, black jack, Texas hold ’em, craps and slot machines) and the appropriate personnel to staff these tables.  The College’s caterer, Williamson, will provide food for the event.  The invitation has been designed and mailed.  The class representatives of the reunion classes have been supplied with contact information so that they can encourage their classmates to attend.

Dr. Clement presented the report of the Awards Committee.  The 2007 Albert Fitch Alumnus of the Year will be awarded to Rear Admiral Michael H. Mittelman’80.  Dr. Mittelman is the first active duty optometrist to become a Rear Admiral, or to achieve flag rank in any branch of the military.  He has held very responsible posts all over the world including the command of the Naval Hospital in Okinawa.

Dr. Clement also commented that historically we do not receive many nominations for the Alumni Association awards.  We have many accomplished alumni and next year we should reach out to the alumni and professional societies to increase the number of nominations.

Ms. Corboy presented a draft ballot for next year’s Alumni Association officers and directors.  She will confirm with all of the individuals on the ballot that they would like to serve.  The officers customarily serve tow consecutive terms in their office.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynne Corboy