May 1, 2010

Attendance: Dr. Linda Casser, Dr. Anthony F. Di Stefano, Dr. Burton Eisenberg, Dr. Anthony A. Fiorilli, Dr. Kelly A. Frantz, Dr. David W. Friess, Dr. Luis R. Garcia, Clara Garcia, Dr. Thomas L. Lewis, Dr. Leon J. Marks, Dr. Edward C. Meyer, Nancy Meyer, Dr. Bevery B. Miller, Dr. John T. Ochsenreither, Dr. Robert L. Owens, II, Vicki Owens, Dr. Robert A. Rosenberg, Stanford C. Rosenblatt, Dr. Kenneth W. Savitski, Dr. Robert N. Spivack, Dr. Jeffrey L. Weaver, Dr. Harold Wiener, Ms. Lynne C. Corboy, Ms. Heather S. Giampapa

Dr. Ochsenreither called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m. As there were no proposed changes to the February 28 meeting minutes, Dr. Wiener motioned to approve the minutes, Dr. Rosenberg seconded and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Dr. Savitski gave the Treasurer’s Report. [Please see attached.] Recent expenses are as follows: $1,000 each for two OD Commencement Award Winners, $1,500 for AuD Commencement Award Winner       , $5,000 final payment for ETV Pledge, $1,174.90 for pens for student graduation gifts and $150 for Student Leaders at Reunion Dinner.

Dr. Ochsenreither gave the President’s Report. The Annual Fund goal for Fiscal Year 2010 is $180,000. As of May 1, the University had $132,891 in hand, with an additional $14,493 in pledges from the fall and spring phone-a-thon campaigns. That is 74% of the overall goal.

For the second year, the Office of Institutional Advancement is holding a Reunion Class Fund Challenge. Each reunion class that reaches a 5% increase in class giving over last year or $3,500 total money raised will participate in a champagne toast prior to the reunion dinner. It had originally been set that gifts to the Annual Fund would count toward the goal, but as only two classes would have been eligible, raffle ticket purchases have also been included in the totals. The following classes were eligible for a toast: 1950, 1970, 1975, 1980 and 1985.

In enrollment information, as of May 1 the optometry program had 1,151 applicants and 150 students matriculating in the fall. (Class size is usually about 150 students.) The audiology program had 53 applicants and has 10 matriculants. (Class size is usually about 20 students.) The PA program has had 1,940 applicants and has 40 matriculants. (Class size is usually about 40 students.)

Dr. Ochsenreither introduced Dr. Di Stefano, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Public Health. Dr. Di Stefano reported on new initiatives at Salus University. Over the next three years, Salus is aiming to initiate six new state approved degree programs as well as a number of non-degree and dual degree programs. The University is also looking to expand its global footprint.

The Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry is currently developing a Scholars Program for academically talented and motivated students. This program would allow students to complete an accelerated three year Doctor of Optometry program. In addition, PCO will introduce Advanced Studies initiatives designed to address the expanding scope of optometric practice.

The University plans to establish Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biomedicine and Master of Science (MS) programs which will build on the University’s collaborative PhD program with Cardiff University in Wales.

Each of the other Salus colleges – The George S. Osborne College of Audiology, the College of Education and Rehabilitation and the College of Health Sciences are all experiencing growth and new programs, as well.

Dr. Ochsenreither introduced Linda Casser, Dean of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dean Casser reported that in researching the motivations of optometry school applicants, PCO appealed to potential students because of its leadership in clinical education, innovative curriculum, interdisciplinary environment and expanded degree programs. She stated that alumni mentoring is appreciated and that alumni recommendations were the best way to bring students to PCO, and PCO to potential students.

Dean Casser commented on the results of a recent survey sent to PCO alumni. Positive responses were recorded on the following items: recommending optometry as a career, recommending PCO as an educational institution and career preparation received while at PCO.

Dean Casser informed attendees that PCO has an advisory board made up of colleagues from many aspects of the optometric profession. The advisory board is focusing on examining ways to increase leadership and business success among PCO students, looking at the full scope of primary care and the technology available at the college.

Dr. Ochsenreither introduced Dr. Lewis. Dr. Lewis stated that during the past fifteen years at the school, there has been a focus on the school’s environment. The college was moved to the Elkins Park Campus, the Hafter Center was constructed, and now The Eye Institute must be renovated. Opened in 1978, the building is 32 years old and must be upgraded for students, patients and staff. The current building will undergo a renovation – 14,000 square feet will be added onto the lower level while the current lower level area will be renovated. When completed, all examination rooms and billing – all things customer oriented – will be on the lower level. The upper level will be renovated to include faculty and resident offices, staff break rooms and a cafeteria. During the planned 13 month renovation, TEI will continue to provide healthcare to its patients and educate PCO students.

The project will be financed through loans, reassignment of the University’s capital budget over the next several years and a $2.5 million five year capital campaign managed by the Office of Institutional Advancement. A new capital campaign will begin over the next few months. Alumni will be kept abreast of the project.

Dr. Lewis encouraged attendees to think about way the Alumni Association could increase its finances. Dr. Ochsenreither reported that in addition to the usual committees available for Alumni Board Members to serve on, a new task force will be created dedicated to examining the Association’s financial situation.

Dr. Spivack gave the Awards Committee report for Dr. Dennis Lyons. The Awards Committee selected Dr. Jeffrey Weaver, OD ’85 as the 2010 recipient. Dr. Weaver was to be presented with his award at the Alumni Celebration Dinner. Dr. Weaver was in attendance at the meeting.

Dr. Spivack gave the Nominating Committee report on behalf of Dr. Karen Wrigley. [Please see attached.] No current Board Members were due to rotate off the board. One alumnus submitted his name for the Alumni Association Board ballot: Anthony A. Fiorilli, OD, Class of ’76. Dr. Fiorilli is a member of the AOA, the Academy and the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians. He has served as President of both the New Jersey Academy of Optometry and the Monmouth County Society of Optometric Physicians. He is in private practice in Howell, NJ. Dr. Fiorilli was present at the meeting.

Dr. Eisenberg motioned to pass the ballot, Dr. Rosenberg seconded and the 2010-2011 Alumni Association Board ballot was passed.

Dr. Ochsenreither gave the Raffle Committee report for Dr. Harry Kaplan. All 450 raffle tickets were sold two weeks before the drawing date of May 1. This resulted in a $45,000 gain for the college, $15,000 of which will be given out as prize money.

Dr. Savitski gave the Reunion Committee report. Attendees for the reunion activities were broken down as such: 27 for campus tours, 41 for lunch and 120 for the reunion celebration dinner. For the second year, Dean Casser and residents from TEI were to present a continuing education program Sunday morning and there were 41 OD’s expected to attend.

Dr. Ochsenreither adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.