OD Pre-Clinical Skills Lab

Salus University Clinical Procedures LabEquipped with stations for each student that replicate the necessary equipment used by practicing optometrists for vision screenings and eye examinations, this facility is located in the South Wing of the University.

The Clinical Procedures Lab features state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment and electronic health record capabilities in order to prepare the University’s optometry students for a seamless transition into patient care at The Eye Institute. The lab also includes 34 fully-equipped optometric bays, video/camera slit lamps for demonstration, and mounted live feed video cameras for integrated instruction. The expanded design allows students to have enhanced access to the space and provides them with optimum clinical education.

Simulation Lab Coming Soon

A simulation lab is also being added adjacent to the new optometric clinical skills lab, featuring state-of-the-art virtual reality technology that provides a powerful training tool for both indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy. The simulation lab will include eight stations to train students in indirect and two stations for training in direct ophthalmoscopy. The simulator provides a highly realistic, three dimensional experience of retinal examinations as well as affording an opportunity to learn how to properly handle the ophthalmoscope. Combined with the upgraded Clinical Procedures Lab, this technology will ensure that the University’s students are prepared to handle all aspects of the patient exam when they reach the clinical setting.  

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Clinical Procedures Lab at Salus University