Center for Personal & Professional Development

Center for Personal and Professional Development

Salus University is committed to the personal, as well as the professional growth of students. With this goal in mind, Salus University has established the Center for Personal and Professional Development, (CPPD).

The following confidential services are offered:

The CPPD Center is located in Suite W-326 (3rd floor, West Building) of the Elkins Park campus.

Counselors are available for sessions Monday through Friday. Stop by the CPPD Center or contact one of our counselors to schedule an appointment. 

The CPPD counselors are:

Robert O'Brien, MS ATR LPC
Phone: 215-780-1315
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Bob earned his BS in Psychology along with a BA in Studio Art from SUNY Brockport, and his MS in Creative Art Therapy from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY. He also has a background as a certified ASL interpreter for the Deaf. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania, and has been practicing for ten years as a therapist. He incorporates a My practice focuses on helping people explore their relationship to self and others, in a safe space that fosters growth and positive change. His background and training are in creative art therapy. He works with individuals to create and apply customized treatment using psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic and cognitive perspectives while integrating and encouraging creative expression in its many forms. 

He believes in the power of individuals to shift these perspectives, when given opportunity for creative expression and positive connection. He provides therapeutic space and relationship wherein this shift can occur, allowing clients to discover their strengths and live their best lives. Participants can expect to receive treatment that does not judge, honors individual truths, and helps find real-time solutions to perplexing life challenges.
Angelika Montalbano, PsyD (interim counselor for Dr. April-Davis until she returns) 
Phone: 215-780-1311


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Angelika earned her B.S. from Rutgers University, her M.S. in social work from Columbia University, and her Psy.D. degree from Chestnut Hill College’s doctoral program in clinical psychology.  Prior to joining the CPPD, Angelika enjoyed working with all stages of development ranging from childhood through adulthood.  She spent several years working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia working on research to understand the effects of parental depression on youth throughout the growth trajectory, and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric setting with children and adults. Angelika also has several years experience working in a college counseling setting.  Knowing firsthand the types of challenges that graduate students face, she developed a desire to assist students in attaining their best selves while in pursuit of their vocational calling. She feels that self -knowledge is a part of that holistic growth process. To that end, Angelika tries to help clients not only understand their problems but takes ample opportunities to explore their strengths and help them to put the proper supports in place. In addition to enjoying watching clients make measurable progress towards the goals they have established, Angelika has a particular interest in working with students who are trying to balance the demands of being in relationships and/or raising children while facing the rigors of a challenging academic program. Angelika is thrilled to be part of Salus University and she looks forward to learning the uniqueness that each student brings.
Tamara (Tami) L. April-Davis, PsyD (currently on leave) 
Phone: 215-780-1534
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Dr. Tamara "Tami" April-Davis earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Widener University (2002) and her master's (2010) and doctoral (2014) degrees in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College (CHC). Tami's interests lie primarily in the areas of psychological assessment, stress and well-being, the mind-body connection, and issues related to family systems, gender identity, and female health.  Her dissertation explored work-life balance for doctoral students in intimate partnerships.  With regard to theoretical orientation, Tami takes a humanistic and personal approach by looking through a multi-cultural lens and conceptualizing through an object-relations/family systems perspective.  She works with clients to ensure that they have balance in their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Tami is thrilled to become part of the Salus University community to add to her experiences and to share her expertise.