White Coat FAQs

What is the purpose of the Salus University White Coat Ceremony?
This annual ceremony represents the transition from student to healthcare provider as first-year students receive the symbol of their profession – the white coat. Recipients from all of the University’s clinical specialties, including optometry, audiology, physician assistant, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, take part in the ceremony.
When and where is the White Coat Ceremony?
The Ceremony will be held at 2:00pm EST on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at the Kimmel Center in Center City Philadelphia. Doors will open at 1:15pm EST.
Will there be a rehearsal for the White Coat Ceremony?
All participating students are required to attend the rehearsal at the Kimmel Center at 10:00am EST.
Are all students required to attend the White Coat Ceremony?
All residential students who take part in clinical experience are required to participate and receive a white coat. Programs include Optometry (Traditional, Scholars, International Advanced Placement), Audiology, Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. Students who are unable to participate must notify the Dean of Student Affairs and submit a request for an excused absence. Any requests may be submitted via admissions@salus.edu.
How long will the White Coat Ceremony last?
The White Coat Ceremony will last approximately 2 – 2.5 hours.
Is there a dress code for the ceremony?
For students, we recommend dressing in professional attire (Men - dress pants/shirt/tie; Women - dress pants/skirt/dress (no denim, shorts or athletic wear).
What if my white coat doesn't fit properly?
After students receive their coat, if they are unhappy with the fit, exchanges may be made at the Salus University Bookstore.
I heard from current students that we get patches and names embroidered on the white coat. Will this be done for the ceremony?
Students will be able to get patches (indicating university, college and program) and names embroidered at a later date. More information will come from the Office of Student Affairs and the Salus University Bookstore.
How many guests may I invite?
Salus University allots 6 tickets per student for guests. The University does not guarantee the availability of any extra tickets. If you need more than 6 tickets, please connect your classmates as they might not use all of their allotment; this process is not facilitated by Salus.
When will I receive tickets for my guests?
Tickets will be available for pickup during the Tuesday and Wednesday of  University Orientation.
Do I need a ticket for an infant/toddler attending the ceremony?
Infants or toddlers who will be able to stay on their parents’ or guardians’ laps for duration of the ceremony are not required to have their own tickets.
Will disability resources be available?
The Kimmel Center is ADA compliant. If any of your guests require special seating or assistance entering the venue and you did not indicate this on the White Coat Survey, please notify admissions@salus.edu.
How do I get to the Kimmel Center?
Please visit the Kimmel Center’s website  for information about parking, directions, and public transportation.
Will I have time to return to my apartment near campus between the rehearsal and the Ceremony?
We would recommend staying in Center City between the rehearsal and the Ceremony. During past comparable events, students and their families have made lunch reservations in Center City. Alternatively, students who have guests staying overnight in Center City have the option of resting or changing between the rehearsal and ceremony.
Where should we eat?
Center City Philadelphia has plenty of dining options to suit different budgets, tastes, and group sizes. Please visit the Official Visitor and Tourism Site for Philadelphia. We highly recommend staying relatively close to the venue and making reservations in advance.
What accommodations are available near the Kimmel Center for out of town guests?
A variety of accommodation options are available at different prices. Please visit the Official Visitor and Tourism Site for Philadelphia for information on overnight accommodations.