General Public Release Form

Permission to take and use photographers and/or recorded statements for publicity purposes.

I hereby grant Salus University permission to take my photograph and/or any statement or recording accompanying it, and to use it (them) for publicity purposes.

These may be used by the media (magazines, newspapers, periodicals, television, radio, websites, et cetera) in any connection with any publication – print, audio or electronic - of the University or any of its four colleges.

My image(s) or my statement(s) may be utilized without any liability for their use by the media, the University, their agents and authorized employees.
I agree that this release will pertain to any images (photographs, videos, et cetera), statements or recordings I may make. I agree that these will become the property of Salus University, which may use them in any way it sees fit.

Only applicable if you are a student at Salus.
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