CityLife at Oak Lane - The Eye InstituteEnvisioning a collaboration between the University's Physician Assistant (PA) students and CityLife Neighborhood Clinics is what helped forge a partnership between the two in 2017.

As the clinic recently marked its one-year anniversary of its Oak Lane facility housed at The Eye Institute (TEI); it also celebrated the success of the pilot program where a Salus PA studentcompleted a hands-on rotation at the facility.

“CityLife, much like Salus University, has always thought of healthcare differently,” said Eli Diez, CityLife’s Clinical Operations leader. “This collaboration has been a natural fit and we have seen a lot of success.”

Tio Livingston,‘19PA, was the inaugural second-year student to participate in the new partnership. He entered the clinic and was greeted with a warm welcome from the staff, which Livingston said is a true representation of the clinic’s team-based model.

Tio - PA Student from Salus UniversityDuring his five week rotation, Livingston had a chance to speak to, counsel and educate patients on matters such as nutrition, diet, testing and/or prevention, and more. He reported his assessment findings and therapeutic or pharmacological recommendations to his on-site preceptor, Dr. Valerie Wisse. He and Dr. Wisse revisited each patient for a final overall review and discussed plans for the patient’s healthcare management.

This rotation was his ninth of ten scheduled rotations and going into it he was confident he was prepared to meet any challenge that would arise. “Tio without a doubt exceeded my expectations,” said Dr. Wisse. “The best part of working with him is that he did a great job with a smile and professionalism. His fund of knowledge truly impressed me.”

There is no doubt that Livingston has benefited from the collaboration between Salus and CityLife. There were many take-aways from his time at the clinic, but what he will be sure to remember, as he prepares to enter his career, is that everyone deserves equal and high-quality healthcare - regardless of economic standing. “I hope for a continued alliance between the two, so that other future PA students may also benefit as I did,” he said.