Special Salus Time Presenter: Paul Sloate

Paul SloateIt was a packed classroom when faculty, staff and students came to spend an hour with Paul Sloate, founder and chief executive officer of Green Drake Advisors, during a special Salus Time on Friday, March 1.  

Sloate’s presentation about financial goal setting focused specifically on savings, dangers to look out for, and planning. Through the presentation, he discussed truth and myths about such things like student loans and mortgages to different types of savings accounts. There was a question and answer session after his presentation in which he could explain audience member’s questions in further detail.

Lawrence Green, director of Institutional Advancement, was one of the audience members that asked a question. “I thought that Mr. Sloate made an effective and compelling presentation because his examples were of relevance to people at all phases of their life, whether it be students managing loan debt, adults investigating mortgage options, or older adults revisiting their wills and estate planning,” he said. 

Paul SloateWith over 30 years of experience under his belt advising individuals, families, and businesses on financial planning and wealth management, Sloate has given numerous presentations on this topic, and has also appeared on television on various occasions to share his expertise. In addition to his extensive professional accomplishments, Sloate is an avid fly fisherman and teaches karate.

Salus Time, created in 2014, brings the University community together for scholarly functions, providing a forum for the discussion of timely topics. Some Salus Time presentations are open to the public and some are for the University community at large, while others are for specific internal audiences.

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