Top Honors for Faculty at 96th Annual Academy Meeting

Camaraderie and excitement was high in the Windy City as Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) faculty, students and residents gathered with colleagues for the American Academy of Optometry's (AAO) 96th annual meeting in Chicago from October 11-14.

AAO Fellows
In addition to numerous poster presentations, faculty-led workshops and a special Salus PCO-hosted Alumni and Friends reception, 10 faculty members were inducted as Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry. Fellows exemplify the highest standards of professional competence and must complete a rigorous application process and oral examination. The following faculty members are now Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry:
  • Dr. Kriti Bhagat, assistant professor
  • Dr. Byung Josh Kim, assistant professor
  • Dr. Harpreet Minhas, instructor
  • Dr. Siva Meiyeppen, instructor
  • Dr. Laine Higa, assistant professor
  • Dr. Jamie Neiman, assistant professor
  • Dr. Mary Jo Thomas, instructor
  • Dr. Andrew Meagher, instructor
  • Dr. Kelsey Moody, instructor
  • Dr. Ashley Maglione, instructor
Three major awards were presented to well-deserving Salus faculty members during the conference. Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, dean of Research and Biomedicine program director, graciously received the Glenn A. Fry Award. The award is given annually to a distinguished scientist for his or her current optometric research and continual contributions to optometry. Since joining the faculty in 1982, Dr. Scheiman has directed several National Eye Institute sponsored research projects at PCO including investigations of convergence insufficiency, amblyopia and myopia and is a nationally recognized expert on convergence insufficiency. In his role as dean of Research role, he promotes research initiatives throughout all four colleges within the University.

AAO Chicago
Dr. Lorraine Lombardi, professor emeritus and interim dean of the College of Health Sciences, received the Michael G. Harris Award for Excellence in Optometric Education. Award recipients demonstrate “ongoing and consistent excellence in the education of optometry students and/or the advancement of optometric education.” Dr. Lombardi has taught for nearly 50 years at Salus PCO, influencing more than 7,000 optometry graduates. Even in her earliest years as a professor, she has continually made an impact on the future of optometric education.  She, along with other faculty members, was an architect of PCO’s “integrated biological science” curriculum of the 70s, which helped mold the increased scope of practice in which optometrists practice today. She still passionately teaches courses about gross anatomy and neuro-anatomy not only to Optometry students, but also Audiology, Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology students.

Dr. Luigi Bilotto, adjunct professor, received the AAO-Essilor Award for Outstanding International Contributions to optometry. In addition to his role at Salus PCO, Dr. Bilotto is the director of global education at the Brien Holden Vision Institute and lectures at universities throughout the world about optometry, including the University of Montreal in Canada, the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands and the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Congratulations to Drs. Scheiman, Lombardi and Bilotto for these well-deserved accolades and to all our new Fellows!
An IOP of 8 mm Hg Is Good, Right?
Dr. Erin Draper
"Ocular Complications of Cancer:
Two Case Reports of Orbital Plasmacytoma”
Drs. Erin Draper and Laine Higa
 From Retina to Neuro
Drs. Kelly Malloy and Carlo Pelino
Late Post-Tumor Causes Of Diplopia: Recurrence Vs Ocular Neuromyotonia
Dr. Kelly Malloy
The Pediatric/Vision Therapy Residency
Dr. Erin Jenewein
ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS: Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis Causing Papilledema in a Patient with Uncontrolled Hypertension and Previous History Of Spontaneous CSF Leaks
Drs. Bhawan Minhas and Ashley Maglione
Two-Year Advanced Residency Program in Neuro-Ophthalmic Disease
Drs. Bhawan Minhas, Erin Draper and Kelly Malloy
Pilot BIO Practice Session Using Multiple Shared Patients Improves Practical Pass Rate
Dr. Helene Kaiser
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Binocular and Low Vision Rehabilitation of a
Patient with Acquired Brain Injury

Drs. Erin Kenny and Erin Jenewein
Cranial Nerve VI involvement in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Dr. Kelsey Moody and Il Jin Kim ’18OD
I Can’t See, What Could It Be?
Dr. Ashely Maglione
The Quiet Road to Neovascular Glaucoma
Dr. Hei In (Cynthia) Tang
A Lie for an Eye, A Sleuth for the Truth: A case of non-organic vision loss in a child and strategies to determine their true acuity
Dr. Alexandra Oszustowicz
Don’t rub it in: Mechanism of Entry and Subsequent Removal of a Subconjunctival Eyelash
Drs. Nicholas Karbach and Alissa M. Coyne
Aqueous Misdirection: When Aqueous Takes a Wrong Turn
Dr. Jessica A. Johnson
Radiation Retinopathy Induces a Progressive Vasculopathy After Successful Treatment for a Choroidal Melanoma
Dr. Salina Kanji
Analyzing The Physical, Educational, Social and Visual Needs of a Patient with Crouzon Syndrome: A Case Study
Drs. Christin DeMoss and Sarah Appel
Sarcoidosis: An Unusual Cause of Optic Neuritis with Associated Focal Choroiditis
Dr. Amber C. Huleva
Retinal Complications Following Hemorrhagic PVD
Dr. Natalie Nguyen
Scratching the Surface: Possible Autoinoculation of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Post Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)
Dr. Kelsey Butler
PhD Program in Biomedicine at Salus University
Dr. Mitchell Scheiman