George S. Osborne College of Audiology

Elkins Park 2014 Workshops

Salus University Osborne College of Audiology is proud to offer two outstanding workshops this summer. “Diagnosis and Management of Middle Ear Function” and “Advances in Hearing Aid Technologies” workshops will be offered in July.

The goal of these four-day workshops is to provide an update on current science in each of these areas, review clinical implications, and provide hands-on training using the tools and techniques discussed in order to improve clinical practice.  The workshops are designed to have an immediate impact on the participant’s clinical service delivery and are taught by faculty who are distinguished by their expertise in the areas they will teach. Each of the workshops have applications that have been submitted for AAA and ABA Tier 1 CEUs.

Hotel Information

Workshop I:
Diagnosis and Management of External and Middle Ear Function
Thursday, July 10 – Sunday, July 13

(2.4 CEUs/1.15 Tier 1 CEUs)


This workshop provides a comprehensive review of the diagnosis and management of external and middle ear function.  The anatomy and physiology of the normal and disordered outer and middle ear systems are covered.  The impact of pathology on the transmission of sound through these systems will be discussed.  The principles of Otoscopy and Cerumen Management will be covered and practiced during hands-on activities.  Updates on traditional middle ear assessment techniques, such as 226 Hz tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing will be reviewed.  Several new and/or underutilized techniques including multi-frequency tympanometry and wideband acoustic immittance will be discussed and practiced via hands-on activities.  The use of this technology in both the pediatric and adult populations will be covered and participants will be able to develop or refine their middle ear test batteries.

Distinguished Faculty

Gregory Artz, MD | Rebecca Blaha, AuD | Jeff Brocket, EdD | Rita Chaiken, AuD | Harrry Levitt, PhD | Sherman Lord, AuD | Chris Sanford, PhD

Workshop II:
An Advanced Update on Hearing Aid Technology and Clinical Best Practices 2014
Wednesday, July 16 – Saturday, July 19, 2014

(2.4 CEUs/1.18 Tier 1 CEUs)


Technological advances in amplification continue at an accelerating rate.  In this workshop, participants will be provided with a comprehensive review of our current knowledge base concerning the damaged auditory system, signal processing, and verification and outcome measures. Special focus will be placed on audibility and noise reduction related technologies, wireless signal processing, and verification techniques and technology.  Modern pre-fitting measures will be reviewed and related to the selection and application of advanced hearing aid technology.  A series of hands-on activities and presentation of case studies will assist participants in relating the didactic material to clinical service delivery. Participants will gain experience using several different verification units.

Distinguished Faculty

Jason Galster, PhD | George Lindley, PhD, AuD | Sherman Lord, AuD | Martin Pienkowski, Ph.D