Office of Graduate Programs in Biomedicine

Graduate Programs in Biomedicine

MSc/PhD Programs


Salus University has developed graduate master’s and doctoral-level competency-based programs in response to increased demand for graduate research training in biomedicine.

The Salus advantage is evident in the flexibility we offer to our students with:

  • courses offered through a blended/online format
  • opportunities to conduct research activities in facilities located in the areas of each
    student’s residence or employment

This flexibility can be useful to those applicants who currently work in research hospitals or health-related industries, or those who are in the military and cannot easily move to the Philadelphia area.

Our Biomedicine programs are designed for those individuals who currently:

  • work or intend to work in the health sciences in medicine, optometry, audiology, physician assistant, rehabilitation, and related fields, such as public health, or occupational therapy
  • hold various master’s degrees or terminal clinical degrees such as an OD, AuD doctoral degree and wish to secure either a doctoral or master’s research credentials. Master of Science (MSc) applicants with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions for eligibility requirements.

The Salus Biomedicine programs:

  • utilize a distributed training model linking students with established mentors in successful research laboratories. This distributed training model will permit American as well as foreign students to train near or in their home states or countries and establishes a research collaboration network useful to the graduate in postgraduate research activities early on. (Note: This requires a formal agreement between the host institution and Salus University).
  • be responsive to the need for a more efficient means of achieving master’s and doctoral-level research competencies in various world-wide settings and is dependent on a close student-mentor relationship.
  • for the MSc degree, the program is designed to have research completed under normal circumstances in 18 full-time months and provide an additional six months for completion of the dissertation for the Master of science (MSc) degree program. (Part-time programs also are permitted.
  • for the PhD degree, the program is designed to have research completed under normal, full-time circumstances in three full-time years and provide one additional year for completion of the dissertation and passing of the Oral Defense (viva) examination for the PhD program. (A part-time program is permitted and generally consists of six years of research and one year for the writing of the dissertation and oral defense (viva) examination).

For inquiries about these programs, please contact:
William A. Monaco, OD, PhD, FAAO
Interim Associate Director