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Graduate Programs in

Salus University’s Graduate Programs (GPB) in Biomedicine offer non-traditional, technology-based programs that train humanistic experimentalists and scholars who are committed to the acceleration of advanced health.

The Office of Graduate Programs in Biomedicine is a community of pre- and post-doctoral professionals who explore and educate the medical world in the pursuit of the treatment and prevention of disease that results in progressive patient care. Graduates of our masters and doctorate programs significantly enhance their biomedical research careers in academic, industrial, governmental and medical sectors.

Thriving in today’s knowledge economy.

GPB graduates will be uniquely qualified to help advance the world of medical science by advancing knowledge and discovery.
  • A unique, original research mentoring program connects students with proven leaders in biomedical science from industry, academia and government to ensure a deeper level of thinking and approach to research applications
  • Our curriculum emphasizes publications, presentations and the ability to develop and execute lucid research plans 
  • While students focus on specific areas of biomedicine, GPB graduates are holistic thinkers, as a result of cross-disciplinary curriculum, clinical experience, and research efforts

MSc and PhD Programs

GPB students can further their biomedical education in two ways. Both programs utilize a distributed training model linking students with established mentors in successful research laboratories. Both programs are responsive to the need for a more efficient means of achieving research competencies in various world-wide settings and is dependent on a close student-mentor relationship.