College of Education and Rehabilitation

Blindness and Low Vision Studies

Student Resources

Academic and Personal Assistance

The University recognizes that our students face school/life balance challenges in addition to their academic challenges and at times may need guidance, assistance or just a sounding board. In addition to our outstanding faculty, who are easily accessible and committed to the success and wellbeing of every student, the University has the Center for Personal and Professional Development, which offers:

  • academic assistance to deal with the rigors of professional school education
    • tutorial services, study-skills workshops and educational counseling
  • assistance to deal with the challenges and rigors of daily life
    • confidential, short-term personal, couple and family counseling, and crisis

The Center’s office is located on the Elkins Park campus. Students are welcome to drop in, phone or email:

Career Counseling

Additionally, the University’s Irving Bennett Business and Practice Management Center is available for career counseling. The Bennett Center is located in Elkins Park, Room 310B, South Wing. The Center’s Director, Ms. Janice Mignogna, also reviews employment agreements and contracts. Contact 215.780.1235 or

Additional Assistance

Finally, all students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs if they are experiencing difficulty with academic, career or personal issues and are unsure of where to go for assistance. Dean James Caldwell ensures that students have access to any services, guidance or direction they might need. If unsure of where or to whom to turn, contact Dean Caldwell’s office at 215.780.1313 or for assistance.