College of Education and Rehabilitation

Department of Blindness and Low Vision Programs

Low Vision Rehabilitation Programs(LVR)

The University offers a Certificate Program and a Master of Science degree program in Low Vision Rehabilitation.

These programs prepare professionals in rehabilitation, eye care, education and other related fields to work more effectively with people who have low vision. Emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary team approach to service delivery. Program participants represent disciplines such as rehabilitation counseling, vision rehabilitation therapy, special education, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, social work, optometry and ophthalmology. This program is available online with a four (4) week summer residency program and an internship.

Both the Master of Science degree and the Certificate Program require didactic course work. Methods, research and foundation courses related to the eye and low vision must be taken in a prescribed manner. The program may be taken part-time or full-time; however, full-time is available in alternate years. All didactic coursework must be completed prior to entry into the internship. Students, working with a faculty advisor, develop a sequence of study. Each student designs an Individualized Program of Studies (IPS) to ensure appropriate course sequencing and integration.