College of Education and Rehabilitation

Department of Blindness and Low Vision Programs

Professional Preparation Programs
For Teachers of Children  with Visual and Multiple Disabilities

Course Prerequisites

Salus University is in the process of updating its curriculum and course description pages to reflect the College of Education and Rehabilitation's recent curriculum revision.  While the site is under construction, please contact for the latest updates.

Course # Course Title Prerequisites
701/500 Foundations of Vision Rehabilitation & Education None
705/505 Low Vision Assessment & Intervention Lab I (old); III (new) 704/504
712/514 Independent Living Skills for Vision Professionals None
713/516 Orientation & Mobility for Vision Professionals None
717/563 Literacy Lab 715/561
726/565 Numeracy & Science Assessment & Instruction 715/561
727/566 Expanded Core Curriculum Assessment & Instruction None
728/567 Children with Visual Impairments & Additional Disabilities None
769/506 Low Vision Assessment & Invention Lab II (old); IV (new) 705/505
729/660 TVI Fieldwork Permission of TVI Program Director
Course # Course Title Prerequisites
700/501 Visual Impairment & Functional Implications None
702/502 Assessment None
703/503 Low Vision Assessment & Intervention I None
709/510 Critical Analysis of Research None
779/560 Literary Braille Code None
725/564 Assessment & Instruction of Children with Visual Impairment None
729/660 TVI Fieldwork Permission of TVI Program Director
Course # Course Title Prerequisites
704/504 Low Vision Assessment & Intervention II 703/503
706/507 Psychological & Social Dynamics of Visual Impairment None
707/508 Teamwork & Collaboration None
708/509 Visual Impairment & Additional Disabilities None
710/511 Functional Applications of Research None
711/512 Human Development Across the Lifespan None
715/561 Braille Literacy Assessment and Instruction 779/560
716/562 Introduction to Assistive Technology  
729/660 TVI Fieldwork Permission of TVI Program Director
Culminating Coursework
Course # Course Title Prerequisites
730/661 TVI Internship Completion of Summer, Fall & Spring courses in students' Program of Studies
731/663 TVI Comprehensive Examination