College of Education and Rehabilitation

Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies

Programs in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (Rehabilitation Teaching)

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Master of Science and Certificate Sequence of Courses

Please note: Courses marked as “blended” combine in person and online learning.

  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation Teaching - 44.5 credits
  • Certificate Program in Rehabilitation Teaching – 41.5 credits
Course # Course Title Course Delivery Certificate Credits Masters
CER-BLV-5000AA Foundations of Education and Rehabilitation Blended 2.0 2.0
CER-BLV-5001AA Clinical and Functional Implications of Visual Impairment Distance Education 3.0 3.0
CER-BLV-5002AA Psychological & Social Dynamics of Visual Impairment Blended 1.0 1.0
CER-BLV-5004AA Critical Analysis of Research Distance Education No 3.0
CER-BLV-5104AA Visual Impairment from Brain Injury Blended 1.0 1.0
CER-BLV-5500AA Principles of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Blended 2.0 2.0
Course # Courses Titles Course Delivery Certificate
CER-BLV-5102AA Introduction to Orientation & Mobility On-Campus 1.0 1.0
CER-BLV-5106AA Braille Literacy On-Campus 0.5 0.5
CER-BLV-5130AA Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 1 Blended 3.5 3.5
CER-BLV-5131AA Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 2 Blended 3.0 3.0
CER-BLV-5502AA Independent Living Skills for VRTs Blended 4.0 4.0
CER-BLV-5503AA Literacy for Adults with Visual Impairment Distance Education 2.0 2.0
CER-BLV-5504AA Communication Skills for VRTs Blended 1.0 1.0
Course # Courses Titles Course Delivery Certificate
CER-BLV-5105AA Literary Braille Code Distance Education 3.0 3.0
CER-BLV-5003AA Human Development Across the Lifespan Distance Education 2.0 2.0
CER-BLV-5103AA Introduction to Assistive Technology Distance Education 2.0 2.0
CER-BLV-5501AA VRT and Multiple Disabilities Distance Education 2.0 2.0
Upon Completion of Didactic Courses
Course # Course Title Course Delivery Certificate Masters
CER-BLV-6500AA VRT Fieldwork Blended 2.5 2.5
CER-BLV-6501AA VRT Internship Blended 6.0 6.0
CER-BLV-6590AA VRT Comprehensive Examination Distance Education or
No 0.0