College of Education and Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Doctor of Occupational Degree (OTD)

Sample Curriculum 

The educational philosophy underlying the Occupational Therapy program is the idea of progressive education.  The hallmarks of progressive education include:

  • a focus on critical thinking, an emphasis on values and social responsibility
  • an understanding of learning goals
  • the development of a learning community
  • a focus on experiential learning.
Sample Overview of OTD Courses* in Year 1
Course Semester
Functional Anatomy & Kinesiology Fall 1
Physiology and Pathophysiology Fall 1
Behavioral Science 1 Fall 1
Evidence Based Practice Fall 1
Foundations of Occupational Therapy Fall 1
Occupational Therapy Practice in Mental Health Spring 1
Basic Tenets of Occupational Therapy (FW 1 A) Spring 1
Occupational Therapy Theoretical Perspectives Spring 1
Behavioral Science 2 Spring 1
Qualitative Research Spring 1
Occupational Therapy Practice for Children and Youth Summer 1
Leadership, Diversity and Globalization (FW 1 B) Summer 1
Pediatrics Summer 1
Educational Communities Summer 1
Leadership and Management Summer 1
Advanced Clinical Reasoning Summer 1
Sample Overview of OTD Courses* in Year 2
Course Semester
Rehabilitation, Disability and Participation Fall 2
Focus on the Impact of Care (FW 1 C) Fall 2
Philosophical and Ethical Considerations in Occupational Therapy Fall 2
Productive Aging and Emerging Areas of Practice Fall 2
Capstone Project Fall 2
Specialty Elective 1 (blended format) Fall 2
Fieldwork 2 A Spring 2
Fieldwork 2 B Spring 2
Transforming Knowledge into Professional Engagement ((blended format) Spring 2
Diagnosis of Problems Related to Occupational Performance and Participation (blended format) Summer 2
Writing for Presentation and Publication Summer 2
Elective 2 Summer 2
Sample Overview of OTD Courses* in Year 3
Course Semester
Elective 3 (blended format) Fall 3
Elective 4 (blended format) Fall 3
Elective 5 (blended format) Fall 3
Directed Independent Study 1 (blended format) Fall 3
Directed Independent Study 2 (blended format) Spring 3
Doctoral Practicum (minimum 640 hours) Spring 3

Course Descriptions

*course work and curriculum in develpment phase.