College of Education and Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy


 *Admission requirements are the same for both the MSOT and the combined MSOT/OTD degree options.

All required course work listed below must be completed at the college level with a grade of B or better. An applicant need not have completed all prerequisites prior to filing an application, but must be able to complete all outstanding prerequisites prior to enrollment.

Prerequisite Courses
A total of at least 18 semester credits are required in the following areas:

**Anatomy and Physiology 1 with lab (or Anatomy with lab)
**Anatomy and Physiology 2 with lab (or Physiology with lab)
Statistics (Psychology- or Sociology-based course recommended)
Abnormal Psychology
Development or Lifespan Psychology
Sociology (or Cultural Anthropology)

**Anatomy and Physiology course work completed within an Exercise Science or Kinesiology department will also be accepted. Similar course work may be reviewed on a case by case basis for an approved substitution.

Prerequisite credits completed ten or more years prior to the anticipated entrance date will be reviewed for approval on an individual basis.