Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Center for Continuing Education (Optometry)

Rapid advances in modern technology make it imperative that today’s optometrist keep abreast of the latest developments in the profession. In 1973, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry established the Center for Continuing and Post Graduate Education, dedicated to offering optometric practitioners the opportunity to learn the newest techniques, the most advanced instrumentation, and current developments in the eye care field.

Today, the Center is considered the preeminent provider of continuing and post-graduate education for the optometric profession. It provides local, regional and national programs in cooperation with professional associations, educational institutions, and health-related agencies. Continuing education credits (CE) are required for optometrists to retain their licensure. Each State Board of Optometry has its own CE requirements, which optometrists are encouraged to review on a regular basis.

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Continuing Education Programs for International Ophthalmic Practitioners

PCO has earned a reputation for organizing and presenting continuing and post- graduate clinical education courses for optometric practitioners in countries as close as Canada and as far away as Australia and Singapore. These programs range from short courses to extended, competency-based programs.

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