Center for Computer Assisted Learning (CCAL)

Center for Computer Assisted Learning (CCAL)

The Center for Computer Assisted Learning (CCAL) is a microcomputer laboratory, designed to provide students access to faculty-developed instructional software and problem-based Computer Aided Instructional (CAI) programs, complementing various courses in the curriculum. In addition, CCAL provides students with supplemental instructional programs and the capability to conduct online database searches.

Located in the Cottet Library, the CCAL provides student access to the Internet, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, databases, other standard software and the University’s own Intranet. Specialized software such as practice management applications, medical and pharmaceutical databases, statistical software packages and multimedia atlases are also available

Salus University - Computer Assisted Learning (CCAL)

A Salus University student working in CCAL..