Victor Hugo Bray, Jr, PhD

Dean, George S. Osborne College of Audiology

Victor Bray, PhD, Dean - Osborne College of Audiology


  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin - Speech & Hearing Science / Psychoacoustics
  • MSC, Auburn University  - Audiology
  • BS, University of Georgia – Biochemistry, with general honors and with honors in department


  • Hearing Aid Design and Performance
  • Hearing Aid Validation & Verification Measures
  • Hearing Science & Psychoacoustics

Recognition / Awards:

  • Recipient of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology Joel Wernick Award “in recognition of an outstanding educational contribution within the fields of audiology and hearing science” (2012).
  • Recipient of the Outstanding Alumnus Award, The University of Texas at Austin, The College of Communication for a career as an “audiology innovator and educator” (2011).
  • Recipient of the HIA volunteerism award “for dedication, expertise and effort in creating a structure that ensures the substance and the science that supports hearing aid marketing and advertising in America” (2003).

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Bray, V. and Sundar, G. “Beyond the AuD: Advanced Studies Certificate Programs.” The Hearing Journal (2012).
  • Bray, V.& Dabrowski, P.  “Implementing a Private Practice Model in an On-Campus Clinic.” Audiology Today (2010).
  • Bray, V. “Verification with REM: Modern Tips for Hidden Trips.” Audiology Practices (2009).
  • Bray, V. & Nilsson, M. “Hearing at the Speed of Life.” The Hearing Review (2009).
  • Bray, V., Hicks, M. & Nilsson, M. “Evaluation of Advanced Directionality in Modern Hearing Aids.” Advance for Audiologists (2008).
  • Bray, V. & Nilsson, M. “Outcome Measures in the Fitting of Hearing Aids.” Book chapter in Audiology Treatment, 2nd Edition, M. Valente (editor), Thieme (2008).
  • Nilsson, M., Ghent, R., Bray, V., and Harris, R. “Development of a Test Environment to Evaluate Performance of Modern Hearing Aid Features.” Journal of the American Academy of Audiology (2005)
  • Rogin, C., Bray,V., Fabry, D. and Powers, T. “Hearing Aid Advertising Review System (HEARS).” Hearing Industries Association (2003).
  • Rogin, C., Bray,V., Fabry, D. and Powers, T. “Guidelines for Hearing Aid Manufacturers for Substantiation of Performance Claims.” Hearing Industries Association (2002).
  • Chabries, D. & Bray, V. “Use of DSP Techniques to Enhance the Performance of Hearing Aids in Noise.”  Book chapter in Noise Reduction in Speech Applications, Davis (editor), CRC Press (2002).
  • Bray, V. & Nilsson, M. “Assessing Hearing Aid Fittings: An Outcome Measures Battery Approach.”  Book chapter in Strategies for Selecting and Verifying Hearing Aid Fittings, 2nd Edition, Valente (editor), Thieme (2002).

Recent Published Interviews

  • Shaw, G. “Cover Story: Unlocking Direct Audiology Access with Limited-License Status.”  The Hearing Journal (2013)
  • Shaw, G. “Cover Story: Simulation Clears Path from Education to Real World Performance.”  The Hearing Journal (2013). 
  • Interview with Victor Bray and Giri Sundar, Salus University Osborne College of Audiology. Topic: Advanced Studies Program in Cochlear Implants. Carolyn Smaka, Audiology Online (2012). 
  • Interview with Victor Bray. Topic: Salus University Osborne College of Audiology.  Judi Biederman, Advance for Audiologists (2011).
  • Interview with Victor Bray.  Topic: Ask the Dean.  Peggy Shelly, The Alumni Magazine of Salus University (2009). 

Selected Recent Presentations:

  • “Moving Beyond the 8 Ball: Forecasting the Future of Audiology and the Hearing Industry.”  General Session with O’Neil (moderator), Bray, Cavitt, Rogin, Thorstad and Yanz. Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Phoenix (2012).  
  • “Clinical Simulations in Healthcare Education: What Happens in Related Professions?” Featured Session “Clinical Simulation in Audiology Education” with Bray, Hall, Hamill and Wilson. American Academy of Audiology, Boston (2012).
  • “Translating the American AuD-Bridge Model to an International AuD-Bridge Program.” Featured Session “Do Practical Solutions Exist for the Global Challenge of Effective Hearing Care Delivery” with Bray, Brouillette, Freeman, LaPira, and Windmill. AAA American Academy of Audiology, Boston (2012).
  •  “Case History and Review of Symptoms.” Featured Session and AAA Webinar, “How You Write is How You Think: A Discussion about Clinical Decision Making, Report Writing, and Electronic Medical Record and Audiology Competencies” with Bray, Freeman, Griffiths, Margolis, Ramachandran & Zapala. American Academy of Audiology, Boston (2012).
  • “Comments on Being a Preceptor.” Academy of Doctors of Audiology, San Antonio (2010).

Professional Activities

  • 18x18 Steering Committee, Academy of Doctors of Audiology (2012 – present)
  • Gold Standards Task Force, American Academy of Audiology (2010).
  • Audiology Task Force to develop response to the American Medical Association (AMA) Scope of Practice Data Series.  Response released through American Academy of Audiology (AAA) (2009).
  • Hearing Industries Association Audiology Task Force (1995 – 2008)
  • Scott Haug Foundation Board of Directors (1985 – 2005)
  • Scott Haug Foundation President (1991, 1992, 1993)