John B. Siegfried, PhD



  • BA Psychology, The University of Rochester, 1960
  • MS, PhD, Brown University, 1962, 1967

Role at Salus University:

  • Professor of Physiological Optics

Selected Representative Publications:

  • Shan Y, Moster ML, Roemer RA, Siegfried J Abnormal function of the parvocellular visual system in anisometropic amblyopia. J Ped Ophthalmol Strab 2000 (In press).
  • Miki A, Liu GT, Goldsmith ZG, Siegfried J, Hulvershorn J, Raz J, Haselgrove JC Effect of check size on visual cortex activation studied by functional MRI. ARVO 2000.
  • Schanel-Klitsch ES, Siegfried JB High-frequency wavelets in early infancy. Infant Beh Develop 1987, 10, 321-336.
  • Siegfried JB Digital vs analog filtering of electrophysiological data utilizing microprocessors. Doc Ophthalmologica Proc Ser 1983, 37, 247-252.
  • Whittaker SG, Siegfried JB Origins of wavelets in the VEP. EEG J 1983, 55, 91-101.
  • Press LJ, Cummings RW, Siegfried JB, Altman B Electrodiagnostic testing of visually impaired children under sedation. J Vis Impair Blindness 1982, 76, 129-132.
  • Siegfried JB, Lukas J Early wavelets in the VECP. Investig Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1981, 20, 125-129.
  • May JG, Harter MR, Siegfried JB Electrophysiological and psychophysical measures of interocular suppression. Psychophysiol 1981, 18, 26-31.
  • May JG, Cullen JK, Moskowitz-Cook AF, Siegfried JB The effects of meridional variations on steady-state visual evoked potentials. Vis Res 1979, 18, 1395-1401.
  • Siegfried JB VECP: its spectral sensitivity. In BR Wooten, JC Armington, J Krauskopf (Eds), Visual Psychophysics: Its Physiological Bases; New York: Academic Press, 1978.
  • Siegfried JB Spectral sensitivity of human visual evoked cortical potentials: a new method and a comparison with psychophysical data. Vis Res 1971, 11, 405-417.
  • Siegfried JB, Tepas DI, Sperling, HG, Hiss RA Evoked brain correlates of psychophysical responses: heterochromatic brightness matching. Science 1965, 149, 321-323.
  • Boynton RM, Siegfried JB Psychophysical estimates of on-responses to brief light flashes. J opt Soc Amer 1962, 52, 720-721.

Professional Honors and Activities:

  • Ad hoc reviewer for several professional journals.

Clinical Specialty:

  • Clinical electrophysiology, Color vision, Contrast sensitivity, Thresholds.

Research Activities:

  • Non-invasive clinical electrophysiological assessment of visual acuity, and a comparison of the right and left visual pathways in very young children.