Stacy Kelly - Northern Illinois University

Photo: Stacy Haack, NCLVI Fellow

As a National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairment Fellow, I strive to continuously develop my level of education through ongoing studies that add to the quality of education that I provide for my students. My testimony to my loyalty toward lifelong education is that I carried myself beyond the undergraduate level of education and recently finished a master's degree in school leadership. I am now working on the next step as I study for an Ed.D. I want to be able to share my passion for this field with others in the education field. I aspire to teach in higher education in the visual impairment field and share my learning experiences and expertise and, ultimately, play my part in producing amazing, dedicated educators. Higher education professionals teaching within the area of visual impairment are in great demand. The professionals working in the field of visual impairment are thirsty for expertise at this higher level of education. I am seeking to make a difference with this great need. A National Center for Leadership in Visual impairment Fellowship provides the foundation for continuing my lifelong journey in education.

May, 2008

Congratulations to.... Stacy Kelly (formerly Stacy Haack)


I am extremely pleased to let you all know that Stacy Kelly, formerly Stacy Haack, will be joining AFB and our Public Policy Center in DC serving in the position of Policy Research Associate. If you don't know Stacy, you will very soon (smile). Those of you who know her are well aware of the enthusiasm, capacity and experience she will bring to the important work of AFB and all of us in the policy, research, and technology arenas. Stacy will be completing her doctoral program at Northern Illinois University this summer and joining the AFB staff on August 25. Please join me in congratulating Stacy! On a slightly more personal note, I can't tell you how much I'm not only looking forward to working with Stacy but also to have more hands on deck here in DC. Along with several other of the NCLVI fellows, Stacy was one of our policy and research interns and did a fabulous job for us. So, to Kapp and our colleagues at NIU, y'all done good (smile)!