Tessa Wright - Vanderbilt University

Photo: Tessa Wright, 2006 NCLVI Fellow

Though I am still relatively new to the field, I have always known my career would be in the realm of education.  After receiving a BA in Secondary English Education from the University of Kentucky and teaching abroad for a year, I changed career paths slightly and found myself in the Educational Research Department of the American Printing House for the Blind.  Although, before taking the job I had never even known anyone with a visual impairment, I found the work fascinating.  I took full advantage of the knowledge around me as I researched and aided in product development for a wide variety of areas—braille to cortical visual impairment, and multiple disabilities to tactile graphics.  I have even had the opportunity to assist the ABC Braille Study Team as a researcher.  With the support of APH, I pursued a MEd in Orientation and Mobility from the University of Louisville.  Since completing my internship at the New York Institute for Special Education, I have been teaching O&M to students with a variety of additional disabilities.

Through the generosity of NCLVI and PCO, while obtaining my PhD, I will be able to focus on research involving orientation and mobility and assessment as well as seeking solutions to help alleviate the shortages of educators in the field of visual impairment—particularly orientation and mobility. I am elated about this opportunity and look forward to moving to Nashville where I will live with my new husband and biggest supporter, Andrew.

Congratulations to Tessa Wright Carlson for the Conference Review,"Expanding the Core: 139th Annual Meeting of Ex Officio Trustees and Special Guests of the American Printing House for the Blind" published in JVIB March 2008, Volume 102, Number 3, p 174-178.