University Consortium Member

Susan Rose, PhD

University of Minnesota

Susan Rose, PhD - NLCSD University Consortium Member

Susan Rose, PhD is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  She is the coordinator of the special education program, the graduate program in education for deaf and hard of hearing children and the faculty representative for ASL as a world language undergraduate program. She was a teacher serving children who were deaf or hard of hearing in classroom and itinerant settings for more than a decade prior to her career in teacher education and research.  In addition to her experiences as a speech pathologist and as a teacher at the elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels, she has served on several national and state professional and community organizations with people who are deaf or hard of hearing; conducted research in the areas of communication, reading and writing, and computer-based technology.  Dr. Rose’s publications include journal articles, books, technical manuals, and software.  She co-authored the Reading Bridge series and the revised Reading Milestones with Drs. Quigley and McAnally, and is the co-developer of the RMPM (Reading Milestones Placement / Progress Monitoring) assessment, AVE: ASL and AVE: DHH software and the Deaf- Hard of Hearing resources website including an inservice webinar for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students.