NLCSD Fellow

NLCSD Fellow - Christine Moe

Christine Moe

University of Northern Colorado - B/VI

Christine Moe, TVI/COMS, is a PhD student at the University of Northern Colorado, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, in the School of Special Education.  Her focus is special education of children with blindness and visual impairments; Dr. Kay Ferrell is her advisor. Christine is a recipient of the National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities Fellowship. 

Christine has worked as a teacher of visually impaired students for 16 years; she has been an itinerant teacher, a classroom teacher, and an early childhood education consultant. While working in Norway, Christine piloted an early Braille literacy project for three years: original, bimonthly magazines with Braille, print, and tactile illustrations were produced, with suggestions for parents and related activities for the whole family. These magazines were sent to young children (3-7) identified with significant vision loss across Norway. This project fueled an interest to learn more about early Braille literacy among this population.  While living in Oslo, Christine also conducted a research project into traveling with a white cane in adverse weather conditions.

She received her Master’s degree from Portland State University, majoring in Educational Policy, Foundations, and Administration.   She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education of the Visually Impaired from the University in Oslo, Norway. She is also an Orientation & Mobility Instructor.

Areas of research interest include emergent and early literacy among young children with minimal vision (ages 1-5), dual literacy: print/Braille, the impact of mainstream education on children with significant visual impairment, and use of assistive technology for students with visual impairments.