NLCSD Fellows

Yue Ting Siu, NLCSD Fellow

Yue Ting Siu

San Francisco State at  Berkley - BVI

Ting is a 2011 NLCSD Fellowship recipient, and will be attending the Joint Doctoral Program at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University. Her research interests will incorporate inclusive special education approaches for students with visual impairments including assistive technology and transition programs, and teacher preparation programs to prepare future educators of students who are visually impaired.

Currently, Ting is an itinerant vision teacher with the New York City Department of Education, Educational Vision Services (EVS). She serves students of all abilities in kindergarten through high school in a variety of educational settings. Ting also serves as a technology turnkey trainer for EVS, providing assessment and training for other vision teachers and their students to use assistive technology.

Ting earned her master’s degree in special education from the University of Arizona with concentrations in severe disabilities and visual impairments. Prior to graduate school, Ting worked as a paraprofessional in a preschool for the deaf and in the deaf-blind program at The Perkins School for the Blind. Other interests include but are not limited to: ping pong, music and food.