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2011 NLCSD Fellows Awarded

NLCSD would like to express its gratitude to the Application and Application Review Committee members for all their hard work in revising the application form and criteria and the thorough review, rating and paneling of all the applicants. 

NLCSD is very pleased to announce the new Fellows, along with the names of the Universities to which they applied and have been accepted.  This year, we are accepting two fellows who applied for the first cohort and who proceeded to start programs without the NLCSD Fellowship.  They are in very good standing and will join the first cohort this summer.  Therefore Cohort 1 will have 14 Fellows as will Cohort 2.

Please join us in welcoming all the new NLCSD Fellows and Congratulations to all.  They will meet together for the first time this summer just prior to the OSEP Project Directors Meeting in Washington, DC. 

NLCSD Fellows Awarded   2011

Two NLCSD Fellows will be added to Cohort 1
Name Last First University Program
Daniels Jacqulyn Portland State University BVI
Herbster Heather The Ohio state University BVI
NLCSD Fellows  Cohort 2
Name Last First University Program
Appenzeller Margo North Carolina at Greensboro DHH
Austin Natalie University of Northern Colorado DHH
Avila Kimberly George Mason University BVI
Cmar Jennifer California State University, LA BVI
Greeley Bennett Catherine Florida State University BVI
Landa Vialard Olaya Texas Tech University BVI
Oberg Elizabeth University of Minnesota DHH
Perez Angel University of Alabama-Birmingham DB
Peterson Brooke University of Minnesota DHH
Rivera Maria Christina University of Arizona DHH
Sheffield Rebecca Texas Tech University BVI
Siu Yue Ting San Francisco State at  Berkley BVI
Tikkun Sean Northern Illinois University BVI
Trussell Jessica Georgia State University DHH



The below dates or the NLCSD Fellowship Deadlines for the 2011 Cohort which will begin Doctoral Studies in the Fall of 2011
  • Applications Open:  May, 2010 to December, 2010
  • Applications Close:     December 31, 2010
  • Administrative Review Complete: January 31, 2011
  • Panel Review ends:  February 28, 2011
  • Awards announced:    March 15, 2011

NLCSD Major Consortium Decisions
2.10  OSEP Washington, DC


2010 Application Time Lines

  • Feb 11, 2010: Application on website
  • March 26, 2010: Deadline for completed applications to NLCSD
  • April 2, 2010: Applications to panelists
  • April 9-April 28,2010: Panel meets, renders decisions
  • May 3, 2010: Applicants notified

Major Decisions Made at 2/10 Meetings at OSEP in Washington, DC

  •  There will be 2 cohorts: First Cohort-Fall 2010 Start;  Second Cohort Fall 2011 Start
  •  The 2010 cohort will probably be smaller than 2011 cohort
  •  There will be 30 NLCSD Fellows  (contingent upon quality of applicants, finances)
  • Range of distribution of fellow among disciplines
  • 12-14 D/HH      10-12 B/VI      6-8 DB
  • Minimum of 3 in each area contingent upon meeting the application criteria

Application Criteria to be Posted Shortly
All Completed Applications for NLCSD are to be sent to Tina Fitzpatrick