Staff & Committees

Application Committee Members:

  • Jane Erin—(B/VI)
  • George Zimmerman (B/VI)
  • Anne Marie Tharpe (D/HH)
  • Roseanna Davidson (DB)
  • Deborah Hatton (B/VI)
  • Silvia Correa-Torres (B/VI)
  • Brooke Smith (Leadership)

Application Review Committee 2010:

  • Deaf/HH: Bill Clark, Claudia Pagliaro, Anne Marie Tharpe, Susan Easterbrooks
  • Deafblind: Kathy Nelson, Susan Bruce, Roseanna Davidson, Silvia Correa-Torres
  • Blind/VI: Deborah Hatton, Rob Wall Emerson, Sandy Lewis, George Zimmerman
  • Leadership: Brooke Smith/Kathy Huebner

Application Review Committee 2011:

  • Deaf/HH: William Clark, Brenda Schick, Anne Marie Tharpe (co-chair), Susan Easterbrooks
  • Deafblind: Kathy Nelson, Susan Bruce, Roseanna Davidson, Silvia Correa-Torres
  • Blind/VI: Deborah Hatton, Cheryl Hannan, Sandra Lewis, George Zimmerman,
  • Leadership: Brooke Smith/Kathy Huebner (co-chairs)

Enrichment Committee:

  • Chair Persons: Shirin Antia and Deborah Hatton
  • Leadership Team Liaison: Brenda Schick
  • Senior Research Fellows: Roseanna Davidson and Kay A. Ferrell
  • NLCSD Fellows: Uma Soman and Kathryn Botsford
    • Deaf/HH: Susan Easterbrooks, Sue Rose, Shirin Antia (co-chair)
    • Deafblind: Cathy Nelson, Mary Jean Sanspree
    • Blind/VI: Deborah Hatton (co-chair), Robert Wall Emerson, Sandra Lewis, Stacy Kelly, Cheryl Hannan, Jane Erin
    • Leadership: Brenda Schick
  • PAC Liaisons:
    • Deaf/HH: Cheri Dowling, Karen Stein, Leeanne Seaver
    • Deafblind: Tanni Anthony, Christina Reagle, Janette Peracchio
    • Blind/VI: Tanni Anthony, Melanie Brunson, Paul Schroeder
    • General: Richard Mainzer

Communication Committee:

  • Deaf/HH: Peter Paul
  • Deafblind: Silvia Correa-Torres
  • Blind/VI: Mike Behrmann, Sunggye Hong, James "Blue" Bickford
  • Leadership: Co-Chairs--Mike Behrmann and Sunggye Hong
  • PAC Liaisons:
    • Deaf/HH: Janette Peracchio
    • Deafblind: Jay Gense
    • Blind/VI: Paul Schroeder
    • General: Phoebe Gillespie

Recruitment / Marketing Committee:

  • Deaf/HH: John Luckner, Mary V Compton
  • Deafblind: Silvia Correa-Torres, Roseanna Davidson
  • Blind/VI: Bill Penrod, George Zimmerman, Nora Griffin-Shirley
  • Leadership: Kathy Huebner
  • PAC Liaisons:
    • Deaf/HH: Judy Harrison, Marsha Gunderson 
    • Deafblind:Christina Reagle
    • Blind/VI: Mark Riccobono
    • General: Phoebe Gillespie

Evaluation Committee:

  • Deaf/HH: Bill Clark
  • Deafblind: Mary Jean Sanspree, Susan Bruce
  • Blind/VI: Tiffany Wild, Gaylen Kapperman, Stacy Kelly, Kay Ferrell
  • Leadership: John Kiloran
  • PAC Liaisons:
    • Deaf/HH: Judy Harrison, Leeane Seaver
    • Deafblind: Christina Reagle
    • Blind/VI: Carol Castellano, Tanni Anthony
    • General: Harvey Rude, Richard Mainzer
  • Arlene Stredler Brown - NLCSD Fellow-University of Northern Colorado
  • Shannon Clancy - NLCSD Fellow - The Ohio State University

Steering Committee:

  • Deaf/HH: Mary V Compton
  • Deafblind: Mary Jean Sanspree
  • Blind/VI: Deborah Hatton
  • NLCSD Leadership Team

Communication Committee Chair

  • Dr. Michael Behrmann and Dr. Sunggye Hong, Leadership Co-Chairs Revised  Communication Committee 05.12.2010.


  • Michael Behrman - George Mason University-B/VI
  • James Bickford - Portland State University-B/VI
  • Sunggye Hong - San Francisco State University-B/VI
  • Peter Paul - The Ohio State University  D/HH
  • Silvia Correa - Torres-University of Northern Colorado-DB
  • Ex Officio Members:
    • Glinda Hill- OSEP Project Officer
    • Kathleen M. Huebner- Salus University, Project Director
    • Brooke Smith- Salus University, Project Coordinator

Communication Committe Agenda 3/4/10 - Conference Call

  1. questions and feedback concerning the use of wiki technology to facilitate NLCSD enrichment activities
  2. use of Google calendar and document technologies within the NLCSD wiki to facilitate information sharing
  3. use of the Skype and iVisit video conferencing technologies (and/or other such technologies) to facilitate interactions between individuals (Skype) or small groups (iVisit)
  4. identification and piloting of the use of "social networking" technologies to facilitate NLCSD enrichment and dissemination activities
  5. other items as are suggested by team members.