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The Pennsylvania College of Optometry of Salus University actively seeks applicants from every state in the nation. Students currently attending represent many states, as well as Canada and several other countries. The Admissions Committee has established an admissions policy to select the applicants who are best qualified to serve the public and the profession in the years to come.

In selecting students to be admitted, many factors are considered: academic performance, motivation, extracurricular activities and interests, related and unrelated work experience, personal achievements, essays, and letters of evaluation.

When evaluating academic performance, the applicant’s grade point average, performance in prerequisite courses, number of college credits completed, degree status, and results of the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) are carefully considered.

Individuals successfully meeting the above criteria receive an invitation to visit our campus for an interview, which provides further insight into the applicant’s characteristics and motivation, and allows an applicant the opportunity to meet with an Admissions staff member to discuss his or her application, tour our campuses and meet with personnel from the Financial Aid Office.

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An applicant must have completed a minimum of 90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours of credit from an accredited undergraduate college or university. Prerequisite credits completed ten or more years prior to the anticipated entrance date will be reviewed for approval on an individual basis.

These credits must include the pre-optometry courses listed below completed with a 2.0 (C) or better. An applicant need not have completed all prerequisites prior to filing an application but must be able to complete all outstanding prerequisites prior to enrolling. (It is recommended that applicants with less than a 2.5 (C+) overall grade point average should consult the Office of Admissions prior to applying.)

  • General Biology or Zoology (with labs) - one year
  • General Chemistry (with labs) - one year
  • Organic Chemistry (with labs) - one year  or
    • ½ year Organic Chemistry plus ½ year of either Biochemistry or Molecular Biology (lab highly recommended)
  • English Composition or English Literature - one year
  • Mathematics - one year
    • ( ½ year Calculus fulfills math requirement; however, one year Calculus highly recommended)
  • Microbiology or Bacteriology (with labs) - ½ year  
  • General Physics (with labs) - one year
  • Psychology - ½ year  
  • Statistics (Math, Biology or Psychology) - ½ year

We encourage, but do not require, additional coursework in such areas as Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Experimental and Physiological Psychology.

While Biology and Chemistry majors are the largest group of applicants, students in any major may be considered, provided the above requirements are met, as evidenced by the growing number of psychology majors seeking clinical and research careers, who are becoming more aware of the opportunities optometry holds for them.