College of Health Sciences

Physician Assistant Program

Admissions Process

The selection process for the Physician Assistant program is based on two essential criteria:

  • Does the candidate meet all the academic requirements set forth by the University?
  • Will the candidate make a good Physician Assistant?

The process utilized by the Physician Assistant Admissions Committee to evaluate the above criteria is based on a candidate’s profile and comprised of three indices:

  • Academic Index:evaluates the candidate's academic performance and ability.
  • Personal Index: evaluates non-cognitive factors and is derived from a review of the candidate’s letters of evaluation, essays, healthcare and PA shadowing experience, and extracurricular activities.
  • Interview Index:evaluates the candidate's knowledge, interest, and motivation regarding the profession. 

The Admissions Committee reviews all aspects of the candidate's profile in order to reach a final decision.

The Physician Assistant Admissions Committee will invite a student for an on-campus interview based on a review of his/her academic record, letters of evaluation, and PA shadowing/ healthcare/ research experience.

Acceptance of candidates by the Physician Assistant Admissions Committee will be based on the above indices, the criteria , and the applicant’s on-campus interview.