College of Health Sciences

Physician Assistant Program

Technology Requirements

The Physician Assistant Program requires all students to have laptop computers and iPads that meet certain technical standards and service requirements. To this end, the University orders specific laptops and iPads for all students and they are distributed to students during Orientation Week. (This technology requirement is reflected in the financial aid package.)

These devices are to ensure each student’s ability to access required educational websites/ databases/ software/ebooks during the didactic and clinical years. For example, students will utilize these devices to access the ebooks currently in use by the PA program in place of bound textbooks.  They will also need laptops to access evidence-based websites for Clinical Problem Solving courses in the didactic year, and Blackboard for taking examinations and accessing course materials during the didactic and clinical year.  Students will need iPads loaded with specific applications so they may enter patient encounter data; this data is then “synched” to the laptop computer and reported to the program.