Student Government

The Student Council is at the forefront of all student activities and serves as the liaison between students and administration, faculty, alumni, and the community.  The Council promotes the welfare of students, organizes social activities and athletics, and promotes a professional attitude toward the University and the professions of audiology, optometry, physician assistant and low vision specialist.

Student Council Orientation Committee members work with the University Admissions Office to conduct activities to welcome the new entering classes.

Student Activities fees fund the Student Council, entitling each student to an annual yearbook, membership in one of several student professional organizations and contributing money toward each year’s class treasury. 

Student Council representatives are sent to various conventions and meetings.  Some of the more visible expenditures are social events, intramurals, and the yearbook.  Less visible expenditures sometimes include contributions to guest lecture series, community projects and student projects such as Student Optometric Service to Humanity (SOSH). To contact Student Council - email

Executive Councils

  • President: Jenna Roney OD, ’17OD
  • Vice President: Alex St. Pierre, ’16AuD
  • Secretary: Irina Linkov, ’17AuD
  • Treasurer: Alexis Conte, ’17AuD
  • SMOTBOT*: Kathryn Tribulski, '16AuD

(*Student Member of the Board of Trustees)

Student Council Committees include:

  • Athletic Committee (Hafter Center)
  • Clinic Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Financial Aid Advisory Committee
  • Lecture Series Committee
  • Note Taking Service
  • Orientation Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Yearbook Committee

The Student Council also appoints students representatives to the following Joint Student/Faculty Committees of the University’s Faculty Organization:

  • University Strategic Planning Committee
  • Research & Learning Resources Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Education Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Judicial Committee