College of Health Sciences

Public Health Programs


All applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies and must hold an undergraduate or equivalency or graduate degree from an accredited college or university in order to be admitted to a program of studies in the College of Health Sciences.

Admission procedures and policies include appropriate consideration of an individual applicant’s public health experience and/or the applicant’s ability to apply educational preparation from such diverse fields as economic development, urban planning, sociology, informatics, etc.

Applicants must request two letters of reference to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions.  The letters should be from persons familiar with the applicant’s academic work, employment record and personal characteristics.

Applicants must submit a completed, online application, a life experience essay, a personal statement, an application fee, and a resume or curriculum vita (summarizing work and educational experiences and accomplishments),

Applicants who successfully satisfy the admissions requirements will be scheduled for interviews with relevant program director.


The MPH program seeks individual who have educational prerequisites, interest and motivation for undertaking advancing in public health careers, consistent with the program’s stated mission, goals and objectives.

Admission procedures and policies will appropriately weigh the individual’s public health experience and/or the candidate’s ability to apply educational preparation from such diverse fields as economic development, urban planning, sociology, informatics, etc.

In addition, it is expected that the successful candidate for the degree (MPH) or certificate programs will possess.

  • A relevant undergraduate degree or its equivalent
  • A documented record of academic achievement
  • Demonstrated academic competency in mathematics/quantitative methods
  • English language skills essential to the successful completion of the coursework.

Admissions Checklist

  • Educational Resume/Curriculum Vita
  • Life Experience Essay and Personal Statement (250-500 words each)
  • Applicants will provide an essay response to a statement about their life experience on the application.
  • Additionally, applicants will make a personal statement about several factors, including why this program is expected to meet their personal and professional objectives.

Personal References

Applicants must provide the names and email addresses of two people who are not related to the applicant and who will provide the University with a personal reference.  The references should be from persons familiar with applicant’s academic work, employment record, and personal characteristics. Applicants should notify these persons in advance of providing their names and email addresses.  The Office of Admissions will notify these individuals by email and provide instructions for the completion of the electronic personal reference form.


All applicants must arrange for official copies of transcripts from each college, university or other educational institution attended (regardless of whether a degree has been received from that institution).  These should be sent directly by the schools to Salus University, Office of Admissions, Public Health Programs 8360 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027.

The certified copies of official academic records (transcripts) for all undergraduate and graduate work should be mailed directly to the Salus University Office of Admissions from each institution, not issued to the student.

International Applicants

For applicants who obtained their college degree(s) outside of North America, a document-by-document credential review from an accredited agency, which evidences all post-secondary studies must be completed.  Please consult the agency’s website for requirements to complete the evaluation.  An official evaluation must be sent from the agency directly to: Salus University, Office of Admissions, 8360 Old York Road., Elkins Park, PA 19027.  These services are provided by various agencies including:  World Education Services -

Have copies of your transcripts available to assist you when completing your on-line application.

Fluency in written and spoken English is essential for success in a Salus University academic program as well as to help ensure patient/client safety and/or effective communication with members of a healthcare team. Official results from the TOEFL (or IELTS) examination are required for all students for whom English is a second language (ESL). Exceptions will be made for ESL applicants who hold degrees or diplomas from accredited post-secondary institutions in countries where English is the official language and in which English is the language of instruction (e.g. the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).  The TOEFL (or IELTS) examination must be taken within two years prior to the start date of the entering class to which an applicant seeks admission.

National Test Scores

National testing is not a requirement for acceptance into these programs.  If you have taken a test such as a MAT (Miller Analogies Test), GRE (Graduate Record Examination), or OAT (Optometry Admission Test), your test results may be sent directly to Salus University.  Test scores more than seven years old will not be accepted.

Optional Information Form

This request for information is for the purpose of ensuring equal opportunity for all persons and effectuating the purpose of the Fair Educational Opportunities Act.  Applicants are not obligated to complete this form for admissions.

Non-Degree Student Status

(students not enrolled in a degree or certificate program).

Please complete and submit the Application Form for Non-Degree Student Status

For assistance at any time during this process, contact an Admissions counselor anytime at or 800.824.6262 (US and Canada), or 215.780.1301 during business hours.

Program Requirements

The MPH degree Course of study includes:

  • 23 semester hours of core courses
  • 13 semester hours of elective courses
  • 6 semester hours for capstone project