Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society

The purpose of the Gold Key Honor Society is to recognize upper-class optometry students who have demonstrated outstanding professional and ethical attitudes through leadership in their class, college and profession.

All second, third and fourth year students are potential candidates for membership; however, no more than 5% of the junior class and 10% of the senior class may hold membership.

Selection of new members is made entirely by the present student membership of the Gold Key Society.


Shown from left to right are Gold Key International officers and members, all Class of 2016: Jonathan Olmes, Victoria Galbreth, Sadia Kalsoom, Lili Liang, president, Stefanie Hwang, vice president, Vivien Li, secretary and Frank Mai. Gold Key International is the honor society for optometry students.


  • President: Lili Liang
  • Vice President: Stefanie Hwang
  • Secretary: Vivien Li    

Class of 2015

  • Jenn Turano
  • Kristina Ngo
  • Ben Foreman
  • Ashley McCann
  • Kelsey Moody
  • Melissa Kendall
  • Whitney McConkey
  • Michael Kelleman
  • Cerina Buchanan
  • Amanda Gerrouge
  • Candace Ellis
  • Jason Cheung
  • Megan Graveline

Class of 2016

  • Sadia Kalsoom
  • Victoria Galbreth
  • Jonathan Olmes
  • Lili Liang
  • Vivien Li
  • Francis Mai
  • Stefanie Hwang