Mr. Salus Pageant

by Kristina Ngo ’15OD, SOSH president

Mr Salus Pageant Winners

About one hundred students and faculty gathered at the Hafter Student Community Center on Friday, January 25 for the First Annual Mr. Salus Pageant hosted by SOSH (Students in Optometric Service to Humanity).

A total of nine contestants competed for the title of Mr. Salus 2013: Class of 2014 students David Kong and Vittoria Mena Jr., Class of 2015 students Julian Chang, Jason Cheung, Michael Kelleman and Andrew Meagher, and Class of 2016 students Francis Mai, Thomas Ravas and Justin Sherman.

The show was a great success, with many great performances - from the contestants as well as from Dean Linda Casser. The students competed in four categories: Clinic Attire; "In It To Win It" mini- competitions; Talent, and On-Stage Questions. Faculty judges, Dr. Francine Pearlman-Storch, Dr. Alyssa Coyne, and Dr. Elisa Bano scored the men based on the originality and professionalism of their clinic attire, their fitness and speed in the "In It To Win It" mini-competitions, clever and insightful answers to the On-Stage Questions, and how entertaining and engaging their talent presentation was. It was a night of fun, laughter and raffle prizes.

Second year optometry students Erin Kenny ’15OD and Sam Heater ’15OD did a wonderful job as the emcees. The show began with the contestants strutting their stuff in the Introduction and Clinic Attire segment, and followed with three fun "In It To Win It" mini-competitions. The first mini-competition was "Movin' On Up!," where contestants had to quickly stack blue cups using alternating hands until a single red cup reached the end of the stack. The second mini-competition, "Pink Elephant," had contestants wearing a SlinkyTM attached to a headband. They had to stack the SlinkyTM on top of their heads by moving their heads as if the SlinkyTM were an elephant’s trunk. Lastly, the third mini-competition was "Junk in the Trunk," where contestants wore a tissue box filled with ping pong balls around their waists and they had to jump up and down to pop all of the ping pong balls out of the tissue box. The Hafter Center was filled with laughter, as the audience watched the contestants hustle to win each of the mini-competitions!

Next, the gentleman performed their amazing talents and answered live, onstage questions from the judges and audience. We witnessed amazing talents such as singing, dancing, card tricks, piecing puzzles, and changing onstage for clinic in just one minute. There was also a special guest appearance from Hulk "Frank the Tank" Hogan and PCO Dean Linda Casser performed a song with the contestants. It was a very fun and memorable night for the contestants and audience members alike!

The night came to a close with Julian Chang winning the coveted title of Mr. Salus 2013 and an iPad 4. First runner up, Frank Mai, won a free breakfast, lunch and dinner at Chick-Fil-A and a $20 gift card to Jules; second runner up, Justin Sherman, won a free breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Chick-Fila and a $10 gift card to Fill-A-Bagel. The title of Mr. Congeniality was won by Thomas Ravas, who earned a free breakfast, lunch and dinner at Chick-Fil-A.

SOSH members would like to give special recognition and thanks to Dr. Bano, Dr. Pearlman-Storch, and Dr. Coyne for serving as amazing judges, as well as to the contestants for their time and talents. SOSH would also like to thank the sponsors and contributers to the pageant: HOYA, Volk, Big Top Beverage, Chick-Fil-A, Panera Breads, Jules, Starbucks, Fill-A-Bagel, and West Ave Grill. We also thank the people who made the Mr. Salus pageant possible: Dean Caldwell, the DACS department, Jim Rubeo of the Salus Cafe, Alyssa Donahue, SOSH members, SOSH officers, the audience members and everyone else who, with their support, helped to raise funds for those who would otherwise be denied the gift of sight!

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