The Salus University Strategic Plan (Revised & Adopted by Board of Trustees 5/23/2019)

The Salus University Strategic Plan is an evolutionary document that embodies our institutional planning process. The process is inclusive of all of Salus’ constituents, including students, faculty, alumni, Board of Trustees and advisory board members, as well as thought leaders in both higher education and healthcare.   

The attainment of university status was the capstone event of the 2005-2010 Plan, which was responsible for the transformation of the single purpose Pennsylvania College of Optometry (founded 1919) to the specialized graduate health professions Salus University (effective 2008). Salus currently enrolls over 1200 students in its three colleges and thirteen graduate and professional degree programs.

Our initial growth in academic programs to add Public Health, Biomedicine, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology resulted from the 2010-2015 Plan. 

Given the rapid pace of change occurring in both the higher education and healthcare marketplaces, in 2015, the Strategic Plan was redesigned as a rolling three-year plan to be refreshed annually.

The first three years were focused on the theme “Consolidating the Gains” and included three major priorities: quality, innovation and value/fiscal responsibility. All of these priorities were driven by a sense of urgency to stabilize and systematically cultivate current programs. These touchstones continue to serve as the foundation for all institutional actions and initiatives that are intended to develop the academic and administrative support systems necessary to ensure and preserve the integrity and quality of all academic programs and to position both Salus and its graduates to assume integral roles in the nation’s developing health care delivery system.

Having confirmed the attainment of our goals for “Consolidating the Gains,” Salus turned its focus to the enhancement and growth of the university’s offerings. Salus continually (1) assesses the educational impact and delivery model for each of its academic programs, as well as the efficiency and productivity of its administrative units, in order to put forth recommendations for programmatic and institutional improvement and (2) explores and implements potential new academic programs. 

In 2018 and 2019, Salus’ constituents participated in a scenario planning exercise to test and refresh our current Strategic Plan, to identify any new strategic areas and to challenge and explore “alternate futures” that the university may face. The results of that process are embodied in the next evolution of our Strategic Plan. The results of that process are embodied in the next evolution of our Strategic Plan. Salus is next scheduled to revisit the entirety of its Strategic Plan in 2021 - 2022.